Low Volume Plan: Adding endurance to planned workouts or do endurance on another day

Hi all,

I’m currently on the low volume climbing road race plan, and it has me riding about 3.5 hours per week. I generally have time to ride 6-10 hours per week, however, I didn’t want to try the mid volume plan, mainly because I had issues with completing the workouts last year.

Anyhow, the majority of the workouts are 60 minutes in length, and I’ve been adding a 60 minute endurance ride using trainnow right afterwards. I do this twice a week.

My question(s):

  1. would I be better served by finding a workout that is 120 minutes in length? For example, if I have a 60 minute VO2 workout planned, should I find a 120 minute workout, instead?

  2. Would it better to do the endurance add ons on a separate day? For example, instead of:

    • Monday 60 min VO2, 60 min Endurance
    • Wednesday 60 min Threshold, 60 min Endurance
      Do this (Days can be flexible for recovery):
    • Monday 60 min VO2
    • Tuesday 120 min Endurance
    • Wednesday 60 min Threshold

I guess I’m trying to figure out the best way to maximize my time without blowing up. So far, what I’m doing is working alright, and I’m hoping to hear it doesn’t really matter.


It doesn’t really matter.


You could extend the cooldown of your HIIT to add an hour of recovery/endurance but:

If separate workouts or days work better for you just do it (Ive no affiliation with that running shoe company btw) :+1:

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