Adding Volume to mid volume AT plan

I’m using AT on a mid volume plan. I’m currently in build phase. I train with TR Mon-Fri and either ride outside on Saturday or do a long (at least 3 hour) endurance ride on the trainer if weather is bad. Sunday is my one rest day. Tuesday is my moderate day which typically is an achievable endurance ride.

My question: If I have the time, can I add volume to this Tuesday and go from Pettit for instance to a a 2 hour endurance ride? Or do two a days? I am feeling strong and making some serious gains lately combined with weight loss (I’m up to a 4.2w/kg… unbelievable) and while I want to up my training volume, I don’t want to get to a point where I’m beating myself down instead of taking the recovery the Tuesday is supposed to provide. That said, I know pros train a lot more than I do. I’m not pro or close, but that doesn’t mean I cant add volume and get closer to their volume.


(Edit: does my calendar come up? Calendar - TrainerRoad)

Of course you can. Pick a workout alternate and choose a longer duration (keep it moderate of course). Just know that the minuscule gains you might make from riding an extra 30min of Z2 a week pale in comparison to the losses you’ll face if you have to take time off due to illness/injury/burnout :grin:

Go for it. Just pay attention to how you’re feeling and back it right off if things start to decline. Always better to do less consistently than to do more and then stop training.