Garmin 735XT + Tacx Neo 2 + TrainerRoad

Hi there,
I have my power and speed sensors connected between Garmin 735XT + Tacx Neo 2 + TrainerRoad but i cannot get my HR to show up/connect with TrainerRoad.
Any advice appreciated?

You need to enable broadcasting of your heart rate on your Garmin:

Mind: this is only ANT+, so the device that you run TrainerRoad on, should be able to receive ANT+ signals

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To learn more about how your device can connect via ANT+, check out this article in our Help Center :+1:.

Hi Bryce, I am running TrainerRoad on my PC and it is not picking it up.
Are you saying if i run TrainerRoad on my iPhone it should work?


Sadly, neither your Laptop or your iPhone has built-in ANT+. so you will need additional dongles to allow them to connect to your ANT+ rebroadcasted signal. All of the details about the dongles needed for different setups are outlined here in this article: ANT+ Connectivity.

Your laptop will be the easiest path to setup ANT+ since you will only require an ANT+ USB dongle. You can buy a compatible dongle at the link below:
Garmin ANT+ Stick

Be sure to follow the instructions on rebreoadcasting your watch signal as well. @Mac2k3 linked it above, but I’ve linked it again here. This step is crucial, and you will not be able to connect HR without following the steps outlined in the article.

I hope this helps :+1:.