Garmin Virb Data Overlays

I’m looking for a specific data overlay for race videos. I’ve seen it on a few different channels, and I asked what it was and all I got was that it’s Garmin Virb. I’ve looked through the Garmin Virb app and can’t find anything close to it. I’m on Mac, maybe they have more overlays on Windows. Anybody know where to find this overlay? Can Garmin Virb import overlay files?

I am not familiar with Garmin Virb Data Overlays, but I found this if it’s helpful!:

Garmin VIRB is a line of action cameras offered by Garmin, and it does have the capability to overlay data onto videos. However, the availability and functionality of overlays may vary depending on the specific model of Garmin VIRB camera you are using.

To import overlay files or customize overlays on your Mac, you can use Garmin’s VIRB Edit software. VIRB Edit is a video editing software provided by Garmin, which allows you to import and edit videos captured with Garmin VIRB cameras. You can download VIRB Edit from the Garmin website (

Once you have installed VIRB Edit on your Mac, you can import your race videos into the software and explore the available overlay options. VIRB Edit provides a range of data overlays, such as speed, distance, elevation, and more. You can customize the appearance and position of the overlays according to your preferences.

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I’ve played with it a little and I think you can download more templates within the app, but I don’t recognize these. Maybe they are custom?

Does Safa Brian edit his own videos? I know he has some insane camera setups on some of these (like the Iz King one above).

I briefly tried to create some custom ones and just got completely lost quite quickly.

I’ve used Virb Edit for years (actually had one of the cameras at one point) and those look like custom overlays to me, especially with the Rotor branding. Related, I have been unable to export GoPro videos edited on Virb Edit for Mac if they have any overlays. Videos without overlays export fine. Anyone else experience this or have any suggestions?

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I just used Garmin Virb on Monday to do just this for my local club ride. Best tips: use another program to stitch the clips together (my DJI action 3 makes a bunch of clips) then import that video into virb. Use the fit file, not the gpx. I’m not sure if the Mac version will have problems with the map since the windows version has hoops to jump through since internet explorer is dead now and needs registry edits to work around this.


I haven’t seen that style either in my journey with VIRB.

Unrelated and I hate to hijack but does anyone have a good way of lining up the data with the video if they are not in-sync? It no longer works in VIRB with the built in function. Fitfiletools only allows me to move the FIT file to the minute which doesn’t help if the video isn’t aligned to the minute.

Hmm maybe I got lucky when I cut mine the other day.

If you get an error when the map opens in windows there is a fix.

Found this on google and it gets rid of the error and loads the map.


In Windows you have an option to change de default embedded from IE to Edge and here is the solution/workaround to make it work. I tested on Win10 x64 and should work on other Win versions.

(Easiest way) Using Regedit editor:

  1. Open Registry Editor or Win + R shortcut then type regedit
  2. Locate the following folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION
  3. Create a new entry (Dword 32 bits) with the name VirbEdit.exe
  4. Change de value of the new entry to 00002ee1

The first picture is from him, which I then thought was custom. The bottom picture is a different channel and he has some subscribers but is nowhere near as big, which made me think you could get it elsewhere. I just like the clean minimal look.

Yea, I’d try this. I use iMovie to quickly combine the individual clips, then add the overlay with Virb. Then usually go back to iMovie to make any edits.


Holy shit thank you my dude. I searched for this a lot last year and never found this solution. I gave up this year and just did videos with no data.

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Glad to help, good luck!

Virb cannot overlay if the files are h.265. Will error out every single time. Check that first

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The program called Losslesscut merges files way faster without having to re-encode. It’s worth the $10 or whatever. You can also export out just sections of the finished product so fast. All without re-encoding


Thanks! Yes, exported as h.264 before importing into Virb and it works again.

If you can handle a commandline, VLC is a free and robust tool to join clips before starting a Virb Edit project. See Action Cam Data Overlay - what is the best setup for creating race recap vids? - #17 by gcarver

As a bonus, it greatly helps synchronizing the data to the video because you only have to do it once, instead of over and over for each part.

Definitely a shame these tools appear to have stagnated.

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This guy has been overlaying data on his videos for 6 years using VIRB Edit on a Mac. Any questions send me a DM.


How do you import date overlay templates? Are there places online with templates I can download? Do the overlays I posted look familiar; any ideas where I can find them? Thanks in advance.

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You’ve got a new subscriber.

Any chance you want to give us an overview of your setup (camera, settings, batteries, mount(s)) and workflow? Everything I’ve found about Virb in general and Virb for cyclists is super dated. Tyler/Vegan Cyclist had a pretty good one but it is years old.


Awesome glad you’re in business

Side note you can configure hero 100 to record hvec+h.264 format which works with virb edit no issue. This format is not available on the 11

That’s odd… it was already recording in hvec+h.264 but plain h.264 works fine… at any rate, back in business. Thanks.