Overlaying data on GoPro Videos (Mac option?)

So, this is a bit of an odd question, but since I’m always watching the TR videos on YouTube showing race tactics and pointers and noticed that folks seem to be using Macs, so figured I’d toss this out there…

Just got a GoPro and was trying to overlay my Garmin data on top. Seems like most people use (were using?) Garmin Virb software, but I can’t seem to export the final content. From what I have found, MacOS Catalina isn’t supported with Virb? Has anyone found a Mac work-around to this or a different Mac software option?

Thanks in advance!

Some existing discussion that may help:

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Thanks for the links! I had seen a couple of these but will go back thru again and maybe I’ve missed something. Might also try to give Garmin a call and see if i can get them to comment on the support of Catalina. Didn’t notice this until I had a problem that most of the videos showing people doing this was pre-Catalina years.


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