🎥 Race Analysis: How to Thin the Field and Take the Win


Can you maybe do a tutorial on how you do your overlays and import power numbers etc.
I saw NorCal’s video but he’s using some mega old software.


It looks like the Garmin overlay. You can add data from other cameras last time I checked. Do a little edit and away you go.

Great video guys. I’ve been considering buying a road bike, but I refuse to ride on the road in Sydney, Australia. It’s too dangerous.
This sort of racing looks like fun.

Roads…no, drivers everywhere are too dangerous (for various reasons). Last weekend I was literally 1 second away from being killed by a driver speeding through a red light.

Racing a crit you might crash & break a few bones (and your bike!) but you’re not likely to die, especially by someone else’s hand.

I’m thinking about putting the road bike on the trainer full time and getting into MTB. VdP watch out! :rofl:

At TrainerRoad we actually just use the Garmin Virb Edit software to add these overlays. We then just made custom gauges to make ours look that way. I would bet that Jeff Linder from NorCal Cycling uses the same stuff!

Regardless, if you want to check out the software, you can find it here:

Thanks for watching! :grin:

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