GoPro.... how to display power

I have been using a GoPro for some of my rides and races… I notice some other guys doing this and TR using this feat… where they can display there power information… anyone here have any experience with this?

When I had a Garmin Virb, I used the Virb Edit software and it was able to show power, maps, and just about anything else from the .fit file. With the GoPro, I tried others like Dashware, but none seemed to be as easy to use as Virb Edit, and it’s free. Synchronizing the route track with the camera footage takes some fiddling, but it’s usually close enough.


Thanks I’m going to check this out tomorrow and see what I can make of it

:+1: for virb edit. I just wish they updated it more and offered some more control over the rendering process (x265 beats the pants off x264).

Here’s an older thread on the topic I remember posting in:

As indicated above Dashware or VirbEdit are rhe tools for this. Check this video by NorCal cycling on how to use either of them.


@GPLama and vegancyclist also did videos on how to match up overlays on their YouTube channels iirc.

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If this is what you’re looking for and have any questions let me know.

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Sorry to resurrect and older thread, but I’m stumped. I can’t get power to show up as a metric on my Virb editing software. All the other data is there (including Lat / Long :man_shrugging:t2:) but there is no Power option (even though the GPX file has power in it)

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

I think there are two files and one of them has all the fields and one only has some. Can you try to export the other type from Garmin Connect?

This afternoon I’ll try to check and see which file type has all the data, I know when you initially import you can see what fields are there.

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I’ll see if I can find the .FIT file and try that, thanks.

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I think the FIT file is the one you want, and you can “download original” through Garmin Connect.

When I load a fit file I see the following fields in virbedit:

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Great, thanks…will try again later this afternoon!

Looks like that solved it!!

Also learned a bit more about using gauges vs. templates, etc. Gonna need to play around with how I want to lay out the screen now.

Mucho thanks for the help!!

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Someone was really helpful in another thread with virb edit, let me see if I can dig it up.