Action Cam Data Overlay - what is the best setup for creating race recap vids?

Did a quick search and didn’t find anything on the forum to date so thought I’d run it by you wonderful people: what are the easiest options for creating race recap footage with data overlays?

I own a Wahoo Bolt and a GoPro Hero 4 Session, but the following posts make me think it will be more trouble than it’s worth (and only appears to work for the Hero5 Black):

Is the only realistic option running a Garmin headunit paired to the Virb software (and potentially virb camera)?

In this GPLlama video, Shane simply imports his .fit file from his Garmin into the VIRB software which makes me think I could do this using my Wahoo data exports as well and just import any cam footage regardless of brand. Can anyone confirm if this will work?

While we’re at it, feel free to post examples of your handiwork. :slight_smile:

I can jump in here with a quick answer to your question:

Yes. Your Wahoo will totally work with Garmin Virb Edit (the software). Just upload the .fit file to your computer, import the file to GVE, and you will be good to go!

I can vouch for this as Pete Morris uses a Wahoo Bolt, and we can still work with his data for the Race Analysis videos.

I hope that helps. I am interested to see some sweet edits that other TR people have been working on! :metal:


I’m not an expert, but I’ve used both a GoPro and a Virb. About the best way to get the overlay that I know of is to use the Virb software. I think that even TR uses the Virb software to get the overlay, but then they use Davinci Resolve for all of the slick editing (picture in picture, cuts, replays, slo-mo, audio overlay…) they do. @NorCal_Cycling used to use (and maybe still does?) Dashware to get his overlays, but I found that system to be rather cumbersome. You can view his video here, though, to see his workflow. I don’t know if it’s changed.

I found that the GoPro was just kind of a slow process, and aligning the video with the track from the .fit file was rather a pain, particularly for a crit. However, I learned that the trick is to make sure you keep the headunit recording until you’ve moved off course and then stop–presumably your wahoo will make an audible beep for when you stop, and then you can use both the video and the beep to match the video with the map. And @Tucker is right–it doesn’t matter where the .fit file (or the video) comes from–the Virb software will work with it. The video may take awhile to import, but it works.

My videos aren’t cuts or anything slick. They’re all just the race and that’s it, not really meant for teaching or providing my own comments or anything like that. I am primarily videoing for my own review/learning and posting for sharing within my team. Maybe someday I’ll get into the whole cuts/audio, but I need a newer computer for that. I tried Davinci Resolve and it kept crashing… I think that my computer is just too slow. I’d really like to have more analysis of women’s races, though, so at some point I may get into it.


You might want to try Lightworks, hardware demands are slightly less demanding.

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Yes. As long as Virb Edit can read the file(s). It has issues with GoPro Hero 7 BLACK 4k/60 last time I checked. I had to convert my on-bike footage to another format.


Awesome–thanks! I’ll check it out.

I use a gopro session 4 and a wahoo bolt with virb to do my cx videos. I stitch the multipart mp4s together quickly with a vlc command which makes syncing the telemetry a little simpler. I get the telemetry via Dropbox, but assume there are other ways to get the file. Shameless plug to my channel:

I use GoPro Hero 7 Black, Wahoo Bolt, with Final Cut Pro for editing and VIRB for overlays:


Think this has been answered pretty completely - but yes it is doable and it is exactly what I do with my GoPro 6 and use Virb Edit. Be sure and make yourself a ‘template’ in Virb Edit for your data field layouts and it is really quick.

I pretty much did what @NorCal_Cycling told me to do! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the great information! Stoked to give this a go.

Thanks, Shane! Sorry for spelling your handle wrong. :shushing_face:

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OH YES. This makes the whole process MUCH faster. HIGHLY recommend stitching the mp4s that come out of the gopro together with some other video software (VLC, Windows MovieMaker…) BEFORE you import it into Virb. It will DEFINITELY make your life much easier and better.

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Just using a Garmin VIRB makes it effortless.

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Here is my first attempt at data overlay. I used the VIRB software, video from a GoPro Session, and Garmin 520 for the fit file. Didn’t get the sync spot on and my GPS was wandering a bit on the first lap.

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Always wondered how you get the small video to overlay in the corner?

I use adobe premiere and just overlay the rear cam footage on top of the front view. I can size and place it however I want.

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Now that I’m back from Jingle Cross, in case anyone is interested, this is the VLC command I use to concatenate all the gopro files (it’s fast, and lossless; obviously you need VLC installed…):

vlc e:\DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPRXXXX.MP4 e:\DCIM\100GOPRO\GP01XXXX.MP4 e:\DCIM\100GOPRO\GP02XXXX.MP4 e:\DCIM\100GOPRO\GP03XXXX.MP4 --sout “#gather:std{access=file,mux=mp4,dst= %UserProfile%\Videos\GoPro\XXXX.mp4}” --sout-keep

Find and Replace the XXXX with the video # of the files. This example assumes your memory card is on the E:\ drive and there are 4 files to concat, but you can add or remove files depending on your specific recording. After processing, the file doesn’t really save until you close VLC, and the file may report 0-bytes in the filesystem for a few minutes while the contents are still being written to disk, but just wait it out.


Race Render by HP Tuners is a program used in the automotive / aviation world for video data overlays. I’ve used it with some good success with cycling data. It has native support for FIT files.

I’ve seen multiple videos on YouTube that shows camera on front of bike and data such as watts, rpm and heart rate show up as well. How do you make these videos? They would be nice to review a ride or race. How do they get data to show up on video?

Any advice? Thank you

Garmin Virb Edit software. It’s free and works with non Garmin cameras.

Look on YouTube for tutorials. GPLama and Vegan Cyclist have both done them.