Garmin 530 + TR on iOS not playing nicely

Hi all, I’m having an issue with my indoor setup and I’m hoping it’s just something dumb I’m doing. I typically run TR from an iPad with a KICKR Core, Quarq PM, and TICKR HR all connected via Bluetooth to the iPad. I also like to connect my Garmin 530 to the Quarq and TICKR as well. In the past it always seemed to “just work” but now it seems I’m not able to connect to the 530 at all and the 530 won’t even recognize the sensors when I do a scan for them.

Is it possible that the iPad is grabbing the Bluetooth pairing for all these sensors and thus not letting the 530 pair over Bluetooth? This would make sense as I think the Bluetooth pairing for all these device is monogamous, correct? If so, is there some way I can force the 530 to only scan and connect with ANT+? (I’m guessing this is what was happening in the past when things were working). In other words I’d like to connect the Core, TICKR, and Quarq to the iPad via Bluetooth and also simultaneously connect the Quarq and TICKR to the 530 via ANT+. Is this possible?

Have you tried forgetting the sensors on your garmin and then repairing them as ANT+. I believe they may show up as almost 2 different sensors and you have to choose which connection type you want. But I don’t think you can just switch that signal on the fly.

Yes, I did the “Forget Sensor” or whatever it’s called on the Garmin, but then a re-scan detects nothing. I have other BT devices (Zwift on AppleTV and TR on my phone, for example) but even if those devices are still “holding on” to the BT signals I can’t see any reason why the ANT signals wouldn’t be available.

To clarify your point, if the Garmin can detect the sensor it is at that point that you can choose between BT and ANT+? In other words there isn’t a way to force ANT+ ahead of time?


That seems strange that the ANT+ isn’t popping up. It’s my understanding that you pair the device as either ANT+ or Bluetooth. You don’t pair a device and then choose the connection type. So you would have to forget the device and repair it with the other signal if you wanted to switch. I’m not sure if there is a way to have your garmin search for ANT+ only though

If this were me I would make sure the 530 is on the latest v5 firmware. There was an update (one before last ? ) that changed the paring so you could see whether it was ant+ or bt I think. And the advice was to re-pair everything.

Then if you unpair all the sensors on the Garmin and turn it off. Then pair your devices to the iPad (which has to be bt unless you have an iOS ant+ dongle).

Now turn the Garmin back on and search.

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