Using outdoor workouts on trainer

Forgive the searchable question, wasn’t able to track down. I’d like to experiment with doing vo2 workouts on the trainer using outside workouts (more control over rest intervals). Do outside workouts work seamlessly on indoor mode on a garmin with trainer control? I guess one caveat I haven’t fully considered is I use power match, how would trainer control and reading from my pedal system work on the head unit? Again, apologies for not tracking this down already, hopefully someone can point me to an existing topic I may have overlooked!

I’ve seen other posts, believe the Garmin trainer control does NOT support power match. It might be possible to implement both using say a Kickr, as it has its own power match feature.

What does work well with my Kickr 2017 direct drive - using an app like Zwift or RGT to control in simulation mode. The app connects to Kickr, and simulates flat and uphill gradients, while my Garmin is connected to Quarq power meter and I use it to execute the workout. Basically like doing the workout outside, you are in control of complying with the workout and have to respond to changes in gradient.


I do the above and change gears to meet the power target. Pre TR and RGT, when I ran a workout on my Garmin edge, I controlled the turbo with the elite etraining app. You might have the same or a similar app for your turbo.

Yeah think I’ll do the zwift thing and run the tr workout on the garmin reading my pedal power. Trying to break out of the erg mode for vo2 stuff, and trying to embrace taking longer rests than workouts baked in if I need it

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I tried it the other day and kind of stunk because in one gear I would be way above where I wanted to be at a good cadence while a gear lower I was threshold at the right cadence. I have 8 speed so I sometimes I have to deal with the gaps in gearing. So that’s a big reason why I’ve enjoyed erg mode so much, unfortunately road conditions suck in the northeast to do anything outside in winter