Tacx Neo2t Erg Mode Issues

I started having issues with my trainer this week. my trainer is on erg mode. during the transition between intervals, it seems to get “stuck” at the power of the last interval. for example, if I am doing an interval at 130 watts, and the next interval target is 160, it will not automatically increase the resistance when I start the second interval. no matter what speed I pedal, it will try to keep me at 130.

I found that toggling to resistance and back to erg seems to clear the issue. as soon as I do this, resistance adjusts to match the correct wattage.

I verified my trainer is running the latest firmware. tested on my phone and laptop and it is doing it on both devices. turned off bluetooth on my phone to make sure it wasn’t connected to two devices at once in case this was causing the issue.

I have only done 2 workouts this week so far and it occurred during both. it only happens during the first handful of intervals. afterwards, the resistance adjusts automatically and puts me at th target wattage.

I sent an email to TR support, but posting on here in case its an easy fix im overlooking. appreciate any help.

IME, that’s typically interference.
Congratulations! You’ve earned the “never ending intetval” badge.

Try mesing about with your wireless connections.

In my old house I had to run the laptop on 5ghz to avoid probs.


I think you might be on to something. This weekend, I was trying to fix weak wifi signal in my house and repointed the antennas on my router. The router is about a meter from my trainer, so it . That is the only thing that has changed/moved since it was last working properly. I will try moving it for my next workout and see if that improves things.

Have you tried another app to verify either TR or interference issues? If you have Zwift, Rouvy, etc, try those and see if those have the same interference/ERG issues.

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Whoa, crazy to hear that this is still going on despite Tacx firmware update. Curious to hear what TR support says!

TR Support also suggested it was an interference issue. I moved my router and did a workout today and had no issues. Thanks everyone!