has been down for weeks its seems

I have the older Garmin edge 520 (no sd slot) which only has around 105 mb of storage. Therefore over the years ive been a massive user of This allowed me to remove and change maps onto my device.

This site hasnt been up in weeks, I cant see it returning in the next few days, and I now need a map for the Scottish highlands.

Does anyone know of a good practical alternative to this service? I’m willing to pay in order to get the maps if need be. I just need a service the allows me to click certain squares on the map in order to reduce the over size of the map file. For example I cant just buy the EU pack from Garmin as its 2.GB’ish.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m almost tempted to run out and buy the new 1030 Plus (although I’d ratgher not spend the dosh).


I pulled up the DCRainmaker article:

and the website mentioned by you and DCRainmaker:

loaded into my browser:

Didn’t generate a map, but there is a red note saying that only country maps are available.

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Appreciate the response,however you’ve not really read my post not provided anything I dont know. The red error essentially means the site doesn’t work.

The article I provided has alternate sites, first one listed here:

Note that every once in a while that website goes down – as if someone didn’t put enough coins in the slot. It’s a community-supported page after all. I’d strongly encourage you to donate occasionally (even just $5, it saved you like $100 anyway). I do. If the site is down, you can use another site here.

and another paragraph has a longer list here:

And finally, if you want some other map sources, a number of DCR commenters have listed their favorites, which I’ve included in here. All of these maps basically start from OpenStreetMap, and then add details atop them. The main one I linked to above is just one I consider pretty trustworthy and more global in functionality. Whereas below some have specific areas they specialize in (and may show more details for those areas), or have specific focuses (like perhaps better mountain bike detail):

– Topo-included map source:
– Topo-included map source, also POI’s have opening hours:
– Topo-focused maps that are also recommended for Africa:
– Cycling maps specialized for Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg with more detail:
– Mountain-biking focused maps:

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Dude, again, appreciate you respondin but you ain’t bringing no knowledge. I can read, I know who DC rainmaker is.

This site has been down for weeks. Its not a case of coins in the meter. Either way, you enjoy yourself.


Site is not down, as I was able to generate maps for UK.

But yeah, it was over 100MB which fits on my 530. About a year ago I bought the 530 and sent the 520 to my sister. Forgot that I could only put 50-70MB of map files on the 520.

If I was you, would try another one of those other “generate map files” sites listed in the DCR article. There are 6 sites listed, which I copy & pasted above. You asked for alternatives, that is what I would try first.

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I just downloaded from the alternate site as well.

Cheers guys, those sites work, however still generate files too big for my current garmin to hold. The site had the ability to be very granular and assist with only providing maps for selected sections. The fact this site is down / and trust me as a regular user, its down (as per normal functionality) the other sites mentionee by DCR dont help.

I think its time to get out the credit-card. Maybe a 830 or

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@pegzyisdeed tried and it shows a 54MB file for Scottish Highlands and that would fit on my 520:

and I got 85MB uncompressed by email:

You can donate any free amount you want. We are happy for every donation,
for 5, 10, 20, or 50 Euro. Whatever you think the service is worth for you,
or you can afford. We need to raise 10 Euro (12 USD) by the end of the day or
300 Euro (350USD) per month to cover the server costs.
Your donation helps to pay for hosting the service. Many thanks!

Name: scotland
Coordinates: -5.785,55.391 x -1.737,58.714
Script URL:
Square kilometre: 94,470
Granularity: 100 (1.1 cm)
File size: 66.3 MB zip archive, 85.4 MB uncompressed
SHA256 checksum: 226119cd69bd153746095c0aae90964bc885bc5841aacdc2d98717d7e246ca4c
MD5 checksum: 3ac7bb890295023f4f75259fbd6757ea
Last planet.osm database update: Sun Aug 2 04:46:39 2020 UTC
License: OpenStreetMap License

The file will be available for the next 48 hours. Please download the
file as soon as possible.

Please read the extract online help for more informations:

Sincerely, the BBBike extract Fairy

Could make it smaller, didn’t know where you are riding. Did you try using that site? I don’t have a 520 to load it on, but looks like a good alternative.

Or you can upgrade, I’m really really really happy with 530. Wish I had the touchscreen 530 or 1030 plus.