New Garmin firmware and outdoor ride screens

I am sure I saw a post from @Nate_Pearson a while ago saying that Garmin would be releasing new firmware that would allow more outdoor ride screens customisations. Version 9 is out and haven’t seen any news of it. I assume I haven’t missed it and we are still waiting on Garmin.

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I have seen it and it’s amazing!! Garmin did a really good job with it and we can’t wait for it to come out. I think it really takes the experience to the next level.


I’m assuming all the newer Garmin Edge’s will see this new firmware, ie. 530/830/1030?

do you know where I can find it?

I don’t believe it’s out yet.

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I keep checking the Garmin beta release notes, current beta firmware for Edge 530 is 5.03 and just a few minor fixes versus the official 5.00 firmware.

Have they reduced the crashing to, say, 2-3 per ride?

Or still into double digits?

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Those sound like the words of a bitter man.

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This is why I don’t ever want to get rid of my 3.5 year old edge 1000 - it must be magic because i’ve never had an issue with it.

I’m a gambling man :game_die: :game_die: still crash free after 4 years on 520 and now a 530.


I’ve used Garmins for like 12 years and been crash free.

Maybe some people get bad units?


Did 3-4 outside workouts a week for a month or two, no crashes.

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The guys I know (know, have ridden with etc) who claim to have had incessant issues with Garmin devices, also strike me as being the less tech-savvy kinda guys.


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I wonder about that sometimes too. I know someone who has literally been through nearly a dozen Garmin devices (several head units, a couple of Varias swapped over the years).

He has now swapped to Wahoo and seems to be having better luck with it, but it’s only been a few months. Will be interesting to see if the “problems” return for this new brand and device.

On a related note, I stayed away from Garmin due to all the constant comments and complaints. But I finally jumped into their ecosystem with the new Varia RTL510. Got hooked on it while testing on my Elemnt Bolt with friends older model. I am hoping to be one of those with no issues, but time will tell.

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I wonder if these sort of customisations are going to make people look more closely to changing brands. It would make me think about changing brands if Wahoo worked better with TrainerRoad than Garmin.

Garmin are going to have to be careful. If there software quality is poor and it upsets other companies customers then those 3rd party companies won’t be happy.

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@Nate_Pearson dog, 9.0 has been out for the 1030. Is the below what your referring to?
or is there other workout firmware to come? Thanks boss.
Made improvements to the workout user experience.

  • Added FTP line to workout comparison displays.
  • Allowed graphical workout data fields to be configured on regular data screens.
    -Improved the display for open steps on the workout comparison graph.

Yes, that is it!


Curious how this will look, even though I use a Wahoo. As far as Garmin issues, I know some people who have problems with theirs, and I know others who don’t, but battery life seems to be a common complaint from everyone aside from my one buddy with a 1030, which frankly looks as ridiculous/sizeable as a phone out front of your bars, IMHO.

@Nate_Pearson Dawg. Can your team create a post on recommended garmin data screens for outdoor workouts?, now that the new firmware is out. I’m too lazy to figure it out. Thanks, 5 stars+ infinity.