Garmin Edge - Technical help, WHY DO I HAVE 6GB of Map files on my pc?

I havent used Garmin forums, so just posting here.

I found my 15gb of google drive has 6GB, and maybe 6.6GB of these 2 or 3 big files which I believe are garmin ones.

  1. Does everyone who runs a Garmin Edge (530) have these big files on they computer? And therefore I’ve somehow just got them in a location that backs up to googledrive?
  2. Am I okay to delete them from googledrive? I mean, if you have an Edge 530 and you need a new copy of the maps (which I believe these are), does the device just download from Garmin, or do you have to pay again?

Thanks. I used to be pretty techie with computers, but as I’ve gotten older and have kids etc, I just havent been able to stay on top of this stuff.


from this article:

These are some of the large files:

A) gmapbmap.img (base map)
B) gmapdem.img (Digital Elevation Map, it’s per-region)
C) gmapprom.img (pre-installed map file)
D) gmapprom1.img (another pre-installed map file)

Maybe you backed them up, and replaced with map files from somewhere else?

Or just backed up your Edge 530?

I recently deleted my 530 backup. Can look tonight if you would like. Let me know.

Thanks, I somehow sent these files to my google drive, but they’re not on my laptop.

I couldn’t get the 2GB and 4GB files to download to move them to my iCloud where I have more space, but did move the 600mb file. So at least google has stopped complaining that I’m almost out of space.

I’ll read the DCR article and then sort out the last files. Maybe I can copy them from the head unit to iCloud, and then just delete the 6GB in the google drive.

I’m still interested in if you actually need to have backups of anything off your device. If the rides are in the TR calendar, and I don’t mind re-setting up my bikes/screens, then do you actually need to back anything up? Will the unit just re-download everything if it needs to be set back to factory settings?

Thank you,

Probably not, my brain is simply programmed (pun intended) to make backups of computers.