Problems with garmin 530 maps

I bought a garmin edge 530 from a Canadian site. It was shipped from Britain and when it arrived, it arrived with European maps.

I purchased the North American map and the device is saying there’s no space left even though there’s 13g left of space.

I even tried removing the European map and it didn’t work. I contacted garmin and they couldn’t help with the issue.

I reloaded the European maps back on as suggested by garmin and cleared folders to no avail.

The map will not load.

Can anyone offer assistance or have you had this issue??


If on a Mac did you delete in Finder and empty trash? Not sure if that’s still required, I’m always using terminal and command line.

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I’m not on a Mac. That was suggested also and it did not work either

Had the same issue on a 530. After 5-6 emails with Garmin tech they sent me a new US unit. EU price was better but not sure if the hassle was worth it in the end.

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Hey thanks for your reply. We ended up sending them back. It was a wicked hassle to even send them back with the company we purchased from! Ugh lesson learned

Hi, slightly off-topic: does the Garmin 530 only come with maps for a specific continent? I’m traveling to Europe this summer and planning to cycle there; how can I verify whether the Europe maps are loaded on my device?

You will have to purchase the map and download it on your device:)

Mine came from Europe even though it was a Canadian site and it had eu maps loaded already

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