Adding Spain Maps to US Garmin Edge 830?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if there’s enough space on an edge 830 to add one country? When I spoke to Garmin they said I would have to remove North America to add Europe. I’m thinking of using BBBike maps to add Mallorca for a holiday but don’t want to remove anything if I don’t have to.

I traveled over in the spring and didn’t have any luck with both maps on my 830. I actually ended up with no maps and without a computer (only brought tablets) to try work-arounds, had to have my phone open non-stop which wasn’t fun. Though I did get to see Remco and several other pro’s out on training rides, which made up for it!

I’m not sure if my experience is relevant but wahoo needs a WiFi signal to download maps and kept failing with the hotel WiFi.

While we had guides in Mallorca it didn’t impact our stay but I’ve downloaded Spain in anticipation of the next visit as it provides more options.

Which method did you use and did you download the maps pre trip? Were the 830 maps working in the US?


On the 520 and 530 my go-to was DCRainmaker’s guide:

worked without issues.


A second vote for DCRainmaker’s guide. Lots of advice on all sorts of Garmin goodies!

All good. Thanks guys. Got Mallorca on tested both it and standard maps. Seems like it works.