Garmin HR monitor name

WHy is it that when using a garmin HRM strap, its name is different in TR mac app’s device versus in my garmin 530 ?
on TR app: 36594
on Garmin 530 or 920XT: 102130
It pairs fine. It’s just confusing which one it is. Yep it’s only a concern when I race or set up in transition before a race.
Anyway to address that?

Just rename it in the Tr app or Garmin sensor settings or both. I do that when I pair something new so I know what it is by name.

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The ANT+ name different to the Bluetooth name ?

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No I’m not using BT. It’s all using ANT+.
The name of the HRM per garmin watch 920XT is different than one showed by Trainer Road.
Both of these are different from HRM Serial number.
I assign the ANT+ ID name into TR (there’s a name edit field under devices).

Still I’d like to understand this as one day, I’ll be at a race start with a garmin that forgot everything (yes it happened before) and I’ll try to guess which HRM is mine.