HR strap connectivity

I very often do TrainerRoad sessions over the top of an RGT ride.

I have a Garmin HR strap which is Ant+ only.
I have 2 Ant + dongles. TrainerRoad is running on Bluetooth, RGT runs on Ant+ (to make my on screen persona move) and the TR session is very well controlled in erg mode this way.

What I’ve been struggling with is getting my HR to display in both apps which is why I now have a 2nd Ant+ dongle.

Is it technically possible to achieve this?

This afternoon I did manage to get a HR showing on both screens but only if I connected in one particular sequence


That is often the key. Figure out what works and stick with it. I know I can struggle with connections if I don’t follow the same process each time.


Like @mcneese.chad said, figure out what order works and then stick with that. Until it doesn’t work anymore. I did this all last winter for Zwift and TR together with no problems as long as I did everything in the exact ame order. But this year that order doesn’t work anymore. I haven’t quite got it figured out yet but I’m sure I will eventually…

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