Garmin Edge as head unit for indoor workout (Feature Request)

Ok…Training API are a good things for sure… but why don’t use also for use it with my garmin edge and garmin connect?
I mean I want to use my Edge as head unit for my Elite Direto, to do the workout of the day from the trainig plan, what I have to do?
Is that possible? It’s something like Xert already have from over a year!
The outdoor sync workout is already working, so couldn’t be impossible or not?


The workout should play in indoor mode without any issue if you want to use your Edge to guide a workout.

Are you talking about your Edge running it as an ERG workout? Im not sure if thats possible (but I can test it). Keep in mind only the newer edge units would even be capable of this (I think the x20 series onwards).

I mean playing a planned workout with the edge (530), like you can do with your phone or tablet or pc, of course in ERG mode.
The other things is the new Garmin API, I mean wpuld be great if it will be possibile to sync all the trainer road calendar with the Garmin calendar, so you can find your daily workouts directly to the Edge unit.

I havent used the new funtionality at all… but isnt that exactly what it’s supposed to do (syncing your workouts across to the edge unit as needed). If it’s not working properly you may need to see if you have permissions set correctly.

You mean the outdoor activity? In that case the syncing is working as expected but the problem is that the Edge doesn’t play the trainer at all, it read the power, the cadence, but doesn’t command the ERG power, or at the least is what I get.

Can’t say what the difference is but a workout pushed from TP to my 1030 and 520 plus allow ERG mode to be used on my KICKR.

I believe that my Garmin Edge 820 will control my KICKR. I think this would be an AMAZING feature!

Hey Andrea,

Thanks for taking the time to submit your feature request! You’re absolutely right: Garmin rolled out FE-C compatibility with the Garmin Edge 520, 820, 1000, and as a result, they have the capability to control your trainer in ERG mode.

I will pass this suggestion onto the team to see if this is something that we are able to do with our Outside Ride Garmin integration :+1:.


Really thanks,
today I recived n email from Today’s plan:

" Garmin recently released a Training API that now allows Today’s Plan to share scheduled workouts directly to your Garmin Connect calendar and sync onto your Garmin device.

Benefits for you:

  • Sync your Garmin device to the Garmin Connect mobile app and your workouts will appear each day automatically!
  • There are now less steps when syncing your workouts compared to using the Today’s Plan IQ App or Shifter.
  • You can now choose which interval targets (power, pace, heart rate) are exported for each sport type all from your Today’s Plan account settings.
  • Supports older Garmin devices that previously weren’t compatible with the IQ App.
  • Any updates to your future workouts in your Today’s Plan calendar are automatically synced across.

So it seems that someone else has already thought of this :wink:

Best Regards

+1 this feature would be great

Hi Bryce, @Bryce
I decided to give this a try on my 520+. It appears to work just fine on my Tacx Neo 2.
It is limited to the outdoor workout format only.

First I pushed the workout to Garmin Connect. You then go into the Connect app and follow the steps below.

From the drop down menu select ‘workouts’. Then pick one and push it to your Garmin with the device icon in the second image.

From there it will appear on your Garmin. Training-indoor trainer-follow a workout. You then pick the workout from the list.
Away you go. (Edit: Please read on as the outdoor workout format does some strange things depending on the interval type).

Oh, almost forgot, you also have to make sure your trainer is added as a sensor before any of this works.



How you “pushed” the workout?
I already tried using the outdoor sync, but when I played the workout in the Garmin it doesn’t controll the trainer but only display an interval of power to be follow.

Hi Andrea,
If you’ve managed to get the workout to show up on the Garmin you should be good. Go back into the Garmin Connect app and find the workout.

Select the one you want to push and then hit the transfer icon.

Next up, make sure the your Garmin is connected to your phone and the indoor trainer is added as a sensor. Sync the garmin. Then select ‘indoor trainer’ from the ‘training’ section on your Garmin head unit.
Select 'follow a workout. Then pick your workout.

I just tried another one and it kept wanting me to hit the lap button as the power went up. It was a mess with that workout, although I don’t really know how to use the outdoor workout feature yet. (MTB rider).
It definately shows potential if you could push normal indoor rides to Garmin Connect.


i would also like to control the normal workouts via my elemnt on the kickr


Please check your assertion,
it’s true that you get the workout but the edge “DOESN’T PLAY THE TRAINER”, you get an indication of the range of the power output you have to follow.
I will happy to be wrong…and at the moment I can’t test for you.

i hope this feature comes to reality because it would greatly simplify my set up if i could run TR out of my Garmin edge.


I’ve tried it again and the 520+ definately controls the resistance on the Neo 2 for me.
The problem is there’s something to do with the TR outdoor format that causes the control to drop out randomly during the intervals.

I’ll have another go at getting it to work later on today and see if I can find a way around the dropouts.

Edit: OK. More testing done and I think I’m starting to understand what’s going on.
Some workouts play nice, some don’t.
It looks like the pushed workouts are good to go for intervals up to 30 seconds long. Beyond 30 seconds the trainer control drops out.

My gut feel is that this is to stop people downloading all of the TR workouts and saving them on Garmin Connect for later use? Without a continued subscription of course.

At the same time I tried to see if I can save a TR workout on the Garmin and then replay it using the indoor trainer simulator. No dice. It finishes before it starts.

If this is a deliberate action I can understand why. No complaints here. Pretty obvious really.

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