Garmin Edge 1040 Released

This is the name of it

That sounds pretty good, gonna sound silly but after installing via IQ do you have to do anything else before it can be selected?

I’ve got it but tapping on the Connect IQ menu in the profile doesn’t open it up.

Ah ok mine never did last times I tried, just put it in sunny windowsill on 89% ill see what it says later.

I know it says it gains ride time after charging while inactive but … I just know it will stay at 89% and not charge.

As I thought - doesn’t charge

Thank you very much. Got it. Still cant search for it properly on connect iq. Very glad I found your post. I had the wrong field in that spot and would have found it very frustrating I am sure when I am on vacation next week and can finally ride outside again.

You have to design a screen to use it and add it as a field under connect iq.

It may not be installed yet as it may need a sync.

Still not allowing me to choose IQ fields on the phone but can directly on head unit so thought I’d say in case anyone else has a similar issue.

You can buy this and pair it with the 1040. Mine is zip tied and hidden under the saddle. It’s small. If the temp thing really bugs you.

Garmin Temperature Sensor

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Glad it works for you but your experience here is contrary to mine and virtually anyone else I’ve seen posting to the garmin 1040 forums


Didn’t know that existed. Thanks for link!

So this will work with the 1040?

I bought a 1030 plus a couple years ago on a sale, took it out of the box, and immediately sent it back to Garmin and swapped it out for a 530. Such a better choice (plus fewer dollars). The 1030 was just too much computer. I’m riding my bike, not flying a spaceship.

Isn’t it great that we have choices to buy what suits our needs best


Heh. Well received.

Is this the unpopular opinions thread? :thinking: :rofl:

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Ah sorry. I don’t bother with the phone as much. Used to the 1030 and older where you did not have that option.

Yes for sure the Tempe sensor works with the 1040. Not many other Edges but the 1040 yes. I use one myself.

Great thanks! Now for the GREAT DEBATE does the 1040 Solar charge when off and in the sun? Contrary to the manual, I’m voting NO…

We stopped for lunch and I tend to turn my head unit off to avoid fat fingering the save/discard button. You can see where the solar flatlines. It was in the sun the whole time. I don’t understand the device needing to be on because I would guess that it drains faster than solar would charge.

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Just tested my 1040 Solar and it did not charge when powered Off or in Sleep mode. I placed the Garmin outside just to remove the possibility of a window interfering with the sun exposure in any way. An hour later, no change in battery percentage. Temps in the 50*F and sunny.

More testing tomorrow.