Garmin Connect Online removes Dashboards

Garmin Connect (Web Version) has updated and removed Dashboards. New Focus and At a Glance is very limited in what and how much can be displayed. I used to have a Dashboard for each sport with goals, gear tracking, etc now all that information is buried with multiple clicks to get to it, if available at all.

Tell Garmin to bring back the Dashboards! ( I know this isn’t a TR issues, but felt it was related since I used a Dashboard to track my TR workouts/equipment used.)


It’s not related, TrainerRoad has no influence on what Garmin do with their services in the same way Garmin has no influence on what TrainerRoad do with their services.

Your issue is with Garmin I’m afraid so you should raise it with them.

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Malcolm, this forum is for TR users (Many of which use Garmin Products and ecosystems). There are many topics here that are not strictly about TR, but thanks for your input.


I actually like the new Garmin Connect Web version (as well as the app version). Fresh look, clean, and easy customizable to my needs.

But I understand that not everyone might agree

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ve only been tracking cycling on Garmin Connect, and last week started logging strength work. FWIW I like the new dashboard. On the At A Glance section the Training Load is missing a graph, however it says gc5_beta_testing under the load. Seems like a work in progress and so far I prefer it.

You probably already know this, but just in case it’s helpful, on your mobile device, you can go into “More->Settings->Beta Program->Give Feedback” and let them know what you think of the beta. It specifically says “when you join the Garmin connect beta program, your mobile and web versions will be replaced by beta versions”, so I don’t think it would be weird to give feedback on the web dashboards there.

This is not a beta.

Garmin Connect Web just had a major public update:

This is my new home page after some customization:

very different look.


In the beta you could customise and replicate you previous preferences.

I love the upgrade, far more customisable.

Well done garmin.


I love it too, hoping to soon see an actual graph on the Training Load widget.


Oh wow. Man, a lot of people have been bashing the Beta. Going to be a busy day on r/Garmin

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some people hate change. Looks a lot better to my eyes and how I use it.


For me too. I accept that change is going to happen, and look for the positives though. (Instead of finding a reason to resist change.) A valid opposition will only slightly change the change, and most of the time those change adverse people still wont be happy.

Not being change adverse… makes life and experiences much eaiser.


I’m indifferent. I feel like it’s all the same stuff, just now you have to scroll left and right whereas before you had to scroll up and down. I didn’t use the Dashboards online though, so I sympathize with those who did and lost them.

Hopefully this new platform will be extended to add back dashboard capabilities for those using them.

Not sure I understand your point about the scrolling.


from an open browser tab.

All I cared about in the past - the empty Reports widget used to be a Gear widget show how many miles were on my waxed chain.

In my garage after a ride, I look at my 840 bike computer and scroll down to look at Load Focus and Training Load. And training effect if I wasn’t paying attention after saving the ride.

What I prefer about the new home page is seeing those same two widgets as on my 840. Hopefully soon there will be an actual graph for training load. And bring on the gear widget. Those are the only things I want to see at a glance.

Seeing completed workouts is ok I guess, I’ve had to reduce my training load recently so not inspirational at the moment :joy: For the In Focus section, and specifically cycling, I would prefer something more like Strava 3 month weekly progress graph, and ability to look at hours and not miles.

Sorry. For clarity, I’m talking about the app on my iPhone.

This totally sucks. I hate it. I’ve off the bike for a while do to health concerns but I figured something was up since the old Dashboard page was hit and miss for a while now. I used the Dashboard to track distance, hours, ride times etc all in a handy place. I’m going to voice my displeasure with Garmin.

this was the beta. it’s been looking like this for me since december or january. everything you’re looking for is there still and it’s far more customizable. that “in focus” stuff is there because that’s what you’ve told the app that you want to focus on, or i guess if you weren’t in the beta it takes a stab at what it thinks you focus on. either way, you can change the “in focus” to show what you want. if you’re training for a race, put that in focus. want to lower blood pressure? put that in focus. i forget how many things you can focus on but it’s a good number. it’s all there in the settings

a pretty huge improvement you’ll eventually discover…

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First time using it was today - the public release. And yes I customized the In Focus stuff.

Looks great on a mobile phone, better than the GC app!

looks much better imho. the old page was a mess and I never used it. might actually give this a second look. thanks for posting the screenshot

@akusafrnr there is a Garmin Forum. Might want to post your thoughts there?

Web version on iPhone.