New to trainer and trainerRoad

Hi there!

As the title states, I’m new to the entire indoor training scene and trainerRoad.

I just purchased a Tacx neo 2t and signed up for trainerRoad. I’ve only done one ride so far, the ramp test. I’ve selected to start with ssbase mid volume for my first block and my first true workout is scheduled for tomorrow. I can’t wait!

I need a little guidance on my setup. As stated I’m using a Tacx neo 2t trainer. I have a garmin 530 head unit and a garmin ant+ hr chest strap. I’m using my iPhone and trainer road app for the workout. My question is, how can I get my hr data to be linked with the TR workout data. If I record with my garmin it basically just gives the workout time, mileage, and hr info but doesn’t show the actual workout (on Strava). If I use the trainerroad app everything shows up in Strava except for my hr info. There’s really no reason to have both recordings on Strava so what’s the best way to get all the info on one method. Can I do the tr workout through the head unit? Or should I just get a Bluetooth hr strap to connect to trainerroad app?


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that is easiest way. I have an old Wahoo TickrX and a new Garmin HR, both will broadcast heart rate via ANT+ (for 530) and Bluetooth (for iPhone).

I’m using TR app on iPhone to control workout, and also record on 530 for the Garmin training readiness/VO2/etc stuff. Using that workflow I get two workouts on Strava, and so after finishing I simply delete one of the Strava workouts.


Is there a way to get the HR info into TR using an Ant+ monitor? I’m going to be facing the same issue next week when my trainer gets here and will have almost the identical setup.


You can get TR workouts onto a Garmin 530/830. Personally, I find the TR app to be a better interface. While you’re waiting on the new HR monitor, you can get the full workout data collection by using the Garmin.

With iPhone you would need a Bluetooth hr strap like the Garmin HRM Dual or the wahoo TICKR. Or an ant+ converter like the NPE Cable

Today I ended up ordering a wahoo tickr strap. It should be here tomorrow but I might try to do the workout Tomorrow through my 530, just so I can see how that feature works. Thanks for the replies!


But if I were to get an Ant+ dongle and usb ext. cable I could use my MacBook Air and run everything Ant+ through the trainer, correct?

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Yes. That’s what I do.

A pro tip for indoor training - Build up a good Spotify playlist and get “into the zone” with decent tunes. This’ll get you through the intervals.

Enjoy getting faster!