Galena, 3rd interval, did Chad do this on purpose?

Galena, as a 3x20 sweet spot ride is far from the easiest workout in the catalog.

The first two intervals the on screen text is really motivational, ‘you got this’, ‘think of it as a 20 minute workout’ etc… etc…

But in the final interval, the word ‘hole’ turns up in 4 or 5 consecutive lines of text, right smack bang in the middle of the screen. I’m aware it’s talking about training, digging a hole & then filling it in, but that deep in to Galena all you see is : hole, hole, HOLE HOOOOLE.

The first couple resulted in an internal ‘shut up Chad, I’m not in a hole, I can still do this’. The next one had me wondering how many more holes were coming, by the final one I started laughing.

Part of me like’s it, having to work against the negative wording seems to be a good way to develop some mental toughness, but it’s just really odd after the first two super positive intervals.

I’d love to know if that was intentional.