Has Chad left Trainer Road? If so I think I know where he's gone

“Has Chad left TrainerRoad”
So, I did McAdie+1 today as part of my base plan. As I started pedalling I was expecting Chad’s inspiring text to appear, to help me along. But, there was no text. Is there supposed to be text on McAdie+1? Seems like something Chad would have relished put some extra pain to. I also wondered, as I live in the UK, maybe Chad just isn’t awake yet. Either way, I pressed on regardless.
“I think I know where he’s gone”
Now a strange thing happened as I started my lonely quest. I realised where Chad has moved to. He seems to be living in my head. I only found myself doing drills as I went along. “Relaxation” drills in the first interval. “Speed” drills in the 2nd interval. “Quadrant drills” in the 3rd interval and “Hang on by the tips of my fingers” in the 4th Interval.

Not sure how I feel about Chad taking up residence in my head. I think I would prefer him back at TrainerRoad.


I’ve had a couple of other workouts that had no text recently. I just assumed support would know it wasn’t there, maybe I should have reported.

As for the text, I find that Chad helps at the start, but nearer the end I am so concentrating on the getting through I miss some of the text, I always seem to read the page that says something like, that is what we are here for, or, that is the focus of this workout. What is? I missed it :smile:

When I really struggle I have to ignore the text otherwise I just see the seconds tick down very slowly :slight_smile: and I don’t want to watch the clock.


Not all workouts have Instructions.

Ones that do will show it in the ride details.


That… clickbait :scream:


If you create your own workouts, I think you can add your own text. Nothing beats shouting at yourself via block CAPS. :disappointed_relieved:


I’ve done that for sure! In a sick and twisted way, I seem to perform better when the text says things like

  • “Don’t be such a baby! Toughen up!”
  • “Your friends will see this workout and know you quit…” or
  • “Your legs are stronger than your mind. Stop looking at the screen”
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Several times I’ve wished TrainerRoad had a feature that allowed me to create and select my OWN text instructions. Sorta like popular GPS navigating software allows you to create and use your own voice instructions.

I would totally let the fam create some custom workout instructions. It would be fun. Possibly demotivational, but fun.

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You can use the TrainerRoad Workout Creator to clone any workout into your own copy, and then you can add or alter instructional text as desired.

workout creator doesn’t work for me. Never been able to resolve the issue.

It does sound like a great little widget, though.


Bummer, it is pretty handy once you learn how it works.

On this topic, I’d love to have a way to toggle the instructions on and off from within the workout.

I run TR on my Mac and usually disable the text for endurance workouts, then of course forget to enable them again for the next workout, have to stop, go to settings etc.

And keyboard shortcuts, too. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement at least intensity increase/decrease, right? Using the trackpad on the bike sucks.



I can report that Chad has returned. At least he was there one sunday. No more voices in my head🥴


As a (non-TrainerRoad) software developer who is, right now, adding keyboard shortcuts to my own software I only wish it were easy :smiley: But yeah, good feature request! I sometimes run TR on my Mac too. Hmm, maybe they should put in extra barriers to lowering the intensity, like a picture of Chad asking “Are you sure? How about a backpedal instead?”

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Read this and an image of a 3D hologram popping out of the TV of Chad saying that! Going to happen someday. (Of course, the old tech I run, my son MIGHT have that option).

Glad I searched because I almost started a thread called: Has coach @chad abandoned me?

I’m in the penultimate week of General Build Mid Volume and thought I accidentally turned off instructional text because they’ve been absent.

But after looking them up, none of the recent hard workouts I’ve done, has instructional text (Williamson, Matthes, Ansel Adams) . These are difficult workouts especially at this point in the training block!

Be great if all the workouts in the stock plans had text, including the tough ones!? :slight_smile:

After over 3 seasons following the plans, I find I still get “whispers” from Coach during the “instruction-less” workouts. I just apply the same types of drills and thoughts that I have seen in so many other workouts.

It’s really cool and something that even follows me out into the real world rides. I apply them in particular during solo rides or times when I lose the group. Great to have those thoughts and related motivation at all times.


I don’t know. I felt like Chad was taunting me during the second to last interval of Mary Austin. I don’t remember the exact text, but I distinctly remembering cursing Chad in my head. Then again, I’ve often finished the last interval of a hard workout with a hearty mental, “F you, Chad”. I consider it part of my recovery routine.


I rode an “instruction-less” ride at the weekend and found my feet kicking over the top and pulling across the bottom. I even find my feet doing it when I’m out walking the dog :slight_smile:

Seems odd but I feel cheated when there are no instructions even though more instructions seem to equal more pain.

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I think @chad also hides secret messages or references in the text. The 8-minute FTP test used to have some text in which he told us to breathe “fully, completely,” which I thought was a reference to a song by The Tragically Hip.

If I’m wrong, don’t tell me.