Instructional text has negative effect

Hi all.
Does anyone else find that sometimes the instructional text puts a seed of doubt, or pain, or negative seed in your brain, when it wasn’t there before. .I find this occurs when i am really struggling through a set, pushing hard and motivating myself to get through it, then a comment comes onto the screen, ‘dont give up, or i know you want to stop, but dont’ etc. I want even thinking that untill it came up.
Nate: This maybe a big ask with your current workload, but can there be an option for workout instructions to not appear during each interval set. Leading up to, and after each set is fine, just not whilst we are using every fibre of strength and focus to finish.

Thanks for a great product

Long time user, and fellow Single Track6 rider.


I’m guessing this will be highly individualistic and based one what motivates each of us. I personally appreciate the coaching text. Often when Coach Chad is telling me to not break I’m mentally saying something like “F**k off CHAD”, but it really does help me get through it. Maybe you could toggle the instructional texts? I do believe there is a setting for that.


You can turn the text off in the workout settings, it doesn’t lend itself to quick toggling during a workout though.

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I am aware of the on/off and find some of the text to be really useful, just not when im busting a lung



I believe that one of my biggest problems is the lack of focus on the “pedaling gesture” and instructional text often helps me to remember to pay attention to this: so I appreciate it

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Yeah ive had that happen once or twice. “If you feel like you might not finish the interval…” WHAT? What do you mean i might not finish? Is that an option? …i just twist it as the competition trying to put negative thoughts in my head, buckle down and pedal or focus harder. Mental strength needs excersized too!


A cool way of looking at it.
I might try that next time.

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Happened to me as well a couple times, so I just ignore instructions (keep my head down) when I’m digging deep and focus on my mantras, cadence and breathing.


I’ve never been anything but grateful and inspired by the texts. While busting a lung though, as @Ptpete described it, I can’t read anything anyway so whatever the texts say it’s at least not a problem.
Chad’s pep talks suit me perfectly.


I sometimes do, too. Chad’s text is extremely useful info, but not during the intervals themselves, as in OP’s case. This may be an entirely individual matter, not a one-size-for-all, just as some thrive on attaboys, some on insults, some on respectful silence. So I like an individual option to toggle off on the fly.

Amber’s much discussed insights on “cognitive load” shed light on stuff I feared was unique to me, and her story of having to get past a plateau by getting rid of all incoming stimulus except her cadence number was instructive. Just for me, the text that I’ve found annoying enough to shut down entirely comes toward the end of the Ramp Test – where I’m badgered with not letting down friends, neighbors, and – so help me – my (dead) Mom! (Complete with a just kidding disclaimer.) The problem is that it triggers my own internal retaliatory rant, not just a short FU – and that rant makes me slower, not faster.

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For sure. Overall the text is great, but once in a while, at the right intersecting moment of mental/physical state a comment like “maybe you should decrease intensity 2-3%” or “if you need to back pedal…” could raise some doubts or make relief look attractive. Far and few between, but yes, for sure.


Lol, exactly. “I wasn’t considering that Chad, I planned on gutting it out. But hell, if you say it ok then may I will do just that.”

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Those “bail outs” are useful if you consider that for a loooong time, they were the only time that idea of salvaging an active workout (vs quitting all together).

Most of that text was written well before the podcast and active use of the blog or other resources existed to share those ideas with people. So they are very good in that light, as an educational opportunity.

With the advent and proliferation of the podcast, that text may be less necessary. But I still see value in that they are added for times in particular workouts that seem to have the most frequent issues of completion.

It’s a fine line to walk to be supportive vs planting a seed of doubt. I do it all the time. I use positive thought “I got this” and such in the beginning and middle of intervals sometimes. It’s crazy how fast an “I can” turns into “No way I can” and that’s purely internal.

So getting the text right for everyone, in every workout, in every stage of training is a practical impossibility. I like having it there, even though I may use it less now than when I first started with TR. But I think the text overall is so helpful to riders new to this level of training.


Disclaimer. .
I find the text useful and at most times, helpful during th sessions, just not duting intervals.

Exactly this. I’ve never met Chad. Probably never will. But I can hear his voice reading the text. I’m sure he’s a nice guy; he likes IPAs so we have that in common, but he takes more internal verbal abuse from me than anyone in my life ever has or ever will. I actually find some of those instructional texts motivating… if I’m not hurting that bad when he says I should be, I think, “I’m awesome!” When he’s telling me to backpedal if I need it or just outright taunting me, I think, “F you Chad,” and carry on smartly.


I have the text turned off for the exact reason the OP mentions. I know I’m missing out on some helpful tips but I find the text has a tendency to let doubt creep into my mind. I can’t have that

I agree. The instructional texts frequently grab my attention and introduce a negative thought which I would not otherwise be entertaining.

Telling someone “Don’t think of x!” when they weren’t actually thinking of x is clearly a self-defeating tactic.

Like other(s) in this thread I sometimes find this irritating / off - putting enough to completely mute the instructional texts as a result. This is a big problem. Users should not feel forced to miss out on all the useful and important content (of which there is a lot) in order to avoid all the highly distracting and irritating content (which IMO is abundant).

Most of the time, Coach Chad’s text is very useful and informative. Things like form drills and reminders about sit-bones and belly breathing are good reminders, and helps pass the time.

That said, there are times like in the ramp test where reading anything just adds on to cognitive load, and is honestly not to the most motivating (everyone at TR is in awe, not sure what else I can say… etc.).

If there was a way to easily toggle workout text on/off while in workout, that would be great.

I submitted a ticket to customer support about a year ago about changing the negativity in some of the instructional text. I turned the instructions off at that point and I guess nothing has changed since.

I can’t wait for TR releasing some kind of validation of when I passed/failed a workout. If you backpedal 5s during the last of 90s 122% intervals, I’m sure it’s still productive but my OCD nags me all of the following day. Got to try that mantra thing—now that I think of it.

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