In-Ride Text, can we have an Evil Chad option?

Like others, I have the instructional text turned off when I’m training because I honestly feel like there are a lot of sentences that demotivate me. Such as telling me that my legs are probably getting tired or suggesting that many people can’t finish the interval. The text has definitely resulted in some lower ramp scores than could have been obtained.

Can we have an option for ‘evil Chad’ text? I’d rather have someone to tell me to HFTU and get it done. No excuses etc. Just a suggestion!


You can load the workouts into the workout creator, and edit the text manually. It seems like it’d be pretty time consuming to go through, but you could probably just edit a small portion of the text, while leaving the rest alone. That’d go a long way towards keeping it time efficient.

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Can we have a Whiplash Chad option? Like the J.K. Simmons film?

“Stop! Not quite my cadence. Let’s go again. Stop! Still not quite my cadence. Are you rushing? Or are you dragging? WELL?” :rofl:

The problem is, Chad is really a nice guy!
You’re right though, sometimes when the workout text tells me to HTFU and just push through it anyway it really motivates me.


I love this idea. This mode should also have a little photograph of Chad, complete with black goatee, floating around the Evil Chad text.

I see this getting rolled out around the beginning of April… @Nate_Pearson


We’re all dark when we want to be :smiling_imp:

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I really want this setting someday.



This would honestly be great. I don’t want any text even implying that quitting is an option. As an aside, I’ve often been thrown off on the ramp when Chad says that everyone at TrainerRoad is in awe and then I get the same FTP I did last time.

I have thought this so many times! Just when I need the text to say pin it, it says, “if you need to turn down” or similar and I get pissed because I didn’t have that thought in my head, but once it gets in there…

That checkbox should be a radio button, but good job including it in the menu on the left.

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that. is. AWESOME!

I did this as I was heading out the door of the office, realized it on the subway. Fixed it.

I thought all the evil chad had on offer was already delivered from the blue bars.