FTP Test Wahoo Issue

Hello! I am hoping for some help with an issue I had today on my 8 minute FTP test. I was doing the test in erg mode but every time the interval started, it switched to standard mode and I could barely pedal the bike because the resistance was so high. I had to pause the workout, go into devices, and switch from standard back to erg mode. It happened for both 8 minute intervals. Has this happened to anyone else?

For reference, I have a wahoo Kickr Core, I use TR on my iPhone, and I have a quarq power meter.

2x8 and 1x20 minute FTP test blocks are explicitly meant to be done in Resistance mode, and you shift to hit your desired power. The app switches as appropriate in each stage of the tests. This is addressed in the guides below, as well as the instructional text that plays during the workout, if you have it turned on.

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