Confused about 8' FTP test

I’ve always tested my FTP via the ramp test.
Today I tried the standard TR 2x8’ FTP test and something wierd happens…

After warming-up, the 1st 8’ interval begins… WITH NO RESISTANCE AT ALL! 360W target power as far as I remember, but 160W actual power at 110rpm. I’m not a high-rpm cyclist and 100rpms is high cadence to me. So there was no resistance in my crank (TACX FLUX S SMART) and i just keep pedalling at ridicolous rpm with no power at all. I soon stopped, checked everything up, restart, reconnect, recalibrate… with no result.
erg was active as usual. Other workouts simply work too.

Do I miss something about the 8’ test? Or is it a bug?

Erg mode is not used in the 8min test, you need to set the appropriate resistance level yourself and use the gears to get to the target power. And the pacing is crucial in the 8min test.

Read and watch the following info:

The “steady-state” 8 and 20 minute tests switch to Resistance mode, and you are forced to shift to hold a particular power.

Make sure to full review this material and report back with any follow-up questions.


thank you @janneseppala and @mcneese.chad.
i guess it was a RTFM question. Sorry about that…


No problem. It happens. But remember that there are some amazing resources readily available that address lots of the questions and issues we see every day.

A quick search or question here will help you find what you need, before you need it, and avoid a wasted effort. Happy training :smiley:

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