FTP test software question

Sorry for the newbie ftp test question. Using a kickr, I assume TR is programed to set the kickr to normal mode for the most part and erg mode in the cool down. Is that correct?

Second part. I have a kickr with updated firmware, why might my cadence not be showing in TR? It shows in the wahoo app.

Thanks in advance

If you’re doing the 8 or 20 minute test then yes, the Kickr will automatically turn off erg mode during the test interval(s). For the ramp test it stays on erg mode throughout. If you’re a newbie I would go for the ramp test, nice thing is that it takes pacing and gearing out of the equation. The 8 and 20 minute treats can take a few goes to pace right.

Not sure re your second question, but it’s generally best to only have one device parties to your sensors, and only one trainer app running on that device. So I would shut down the Wahoo app, and maybe try forgetting and then re-pairing the cadence sensor through the TR app.


Build in cadence calculation doesn’t work with the iOS Trainerroad app. Today I used my Android phone and the cadence was transmitted properly. Hope to be able to use my iPad in the near future with Trainerroad and cadence transmission.

cadence calculation doesn’t work with the iOS Trainerroad app.

Thats a bummer, thanks for the reply. I hope they get this fixed soon.

The updated iOS app is coming soon :slight_smile: We’re waiting on approval from Apple to push the update.


Awesome. It will be nice to use an iPad instead of a laptop. (I noticed it works on the MacBook)

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There was an update, 16 hours ago, to the iOS App. However, those changes didn’t add capability of reading the calculated cadence of Wahoo Kickr devices.


  • Expanded the intensity range during warmup and cool down.

  • Implemented some changes that will increase Bluetooth performance.

  • Fix that will help with devices flat lining during certain pause and backgrounding scenarios.

That is not the update that will bring virtual cadence Support for Wahoo trainers. The version that most recently downloaded was 2019.16.0.

The version that is pending is 2019.36.0 and is coming soon :+1:.

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iOS App version 2019.36.0 is now available and brings Wahoo cadence compatibility.

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