FTP rest on kickr

Hi all , when using my wahoo kickr in erg mode with chain in small ring mid rear , during a ramp test should I be changing gear,? Also should I remain in same gearing or move up to big ring for test? Thanks

Assuming that you mean you are doing the Ramp Test, and since you said you are using ERG, do not shift. Let the app control the trainer, while you focus on holding your desired cadence (whatever that is).

For gearing, I recommend using the same greeting for testing and training. People have difference preferences for high or low gearing. Either is fine, but I think keeping it consistent for testing and the majority of your training is important.

Yeah, I think the recommendation is to not switch gears much during ramp in erg. I might “cheat” and give myself 1 gear towards the end when my cadence is tanking but that’s about it.

For clarity, and as you note, this is against the recommendation of TR and should NOT be done.

It seems like an attempt to manipulate the test for an ego FTP than using the test as intended, which is to set training zones and track progress.

Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice , what was confusing was that it tr changes from erg to resistance mode during ramp test and I was informed that I would need to use gears during these segments .

Well, please note that I stated the RAMP TEST specifically. It can be done completely in ERG mode.

However, based on your latest comment, you may have done the 20-minute or 2x 8-minute FTP test. For those, that can be done as a mix of ERG mode. The main test sections (20m or 8m segments) are done in Resistance mode, and do require you to shift to set your power.

So, it all depends on exactly which test you perform.

Thanks that’s cleared that up for me .

Here are the official videos for each test.