TR doesn't appear to work for me with kickr core (Zwift worked fine)

I used zwift before, which worked fine, and decided to try trainer road, but am having trouble with it.

I have a kickr core and trying to perform a spin down, but TR doesn’t appear to be detecting my speed during spin down

Also, when i try to do a workout the resistance doesn’t increase in erg mode, so i just end up spinning really fast.

However trainer road does give me a readout of my cadence and speed, so it is detecting them…

I’ve deleted zwift, so it’s not interfering, and am pairing the android TR app with my kickr core using bluetooth.


When doing your spin down, make sure it’s not in erg mode. On my kicker core it defaults to ERG mode, and I have to switch it to resistance for spin downs.

I guarantee that some other device is connected (phone, Wahoo app, iPad, Apple TV, bike computer, etc) if TR is not picking up power.

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A screen capture of your Devices menu, while also pedaling on the trainer would be helpful.

Short of that, have you contacted TR support directly? They have access to more than us (even if you get a screenshot), so are likely the best resources here.

I have a Kickr Core and everything works perfectly. I agree with previous commentor about erg vs. resistance. After you Load the workout you want to do, click on Devices at the bottom right. That should show the Kickr Core attempting to load (or being loaded). Click on the Kickr Core and it will tell you if you are in Erg or Resistance and give you the option to do a Calibrate Spindown. It will only do the spindown in Resistance or Standard. If this is already in Resistance, I suspect that you Wahoo App got switched to Erg when you dropped Zwift. You should double check this as well.

I have a Kickr Core and hadn’t even thought of using the TR app instead of the Wahoo app to calibrate the Wahoo hardware.

Try the Wahoo app if all else fails.

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