Ftp increase - yes, that question again


So, I googled and and looked on this great forum to see if I could get the answer to my question but kept seeing different answers.

My goal this year is to achieve a 300w ftp. Having done a ramp test today I managed 263, which I’m really happy about. To get to my target is it simply a case of increasing volume, such as zone 2 work?

At the moment I average somewhere between 10-13hrs a week, which I normally get about 150-200miles. This is a combination of mostly Zwift (formerly) and commuting on the bike.

Any tips to increase ftp, getting stronger on the bike so I can keep that avg speed in the 19s/20mph avg would be super.

Your power is dependent on where you are the weakest. You could work on that, more than other areas. Sounds like you have a great base. If you posted more about things like V02 max and other performance related stuff it might help get a more detailed answer.

Are you following a training plan?

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If you’re riding 10-13 hrs a week then zone 2 volume won’t likely help you increase your FTP beyond where you are. You’re going to need more sweet spot/threshold training and some vo2 max might help as well. Another big factor is your weight/size, if 263 watts is already 5 watts/kg for you then that’s a lot different than if you’re at 3 watts/kg for example. How much do you weigh? Are you following any specific type of plan or just riding at whatever feels comfortable?


That’s not a goal, that’s an outcome.

Goals are within your control. Outcomes are not, even if you tilt the odds in your favor.


Your power is dependent on where you are the weakest.

I don’t think power’s a ‘weakest link’ type thing. I reckon it’s more dependent on all the things that contribute to it. (Of course, easiest gains often found by working weaknesses, but that’s not quite the same thing.)

  1. Do a proper FTP test or a long time trial to get a handle on your real FTP. I wouldn’t take a ramp test figure and call it good.

  2. Do a good, long warmup and then hammer a 5 minute max effort.

  3. Divide the watts from step 1 by your watts from step 2.

  4. If the figure from step 3 is below, say, 80% do an extensive threshold block to push your FTP up and also your TTE out to over 50 minutes.

  5. if the figure from step 3 is above 80%, do a VO2 Max block, then do your extensive threshold block.

  6. Retest and rest!


Goals are within your control. Outcomes are not, even if you tilt the odds in your favor.

This is not how the word ‘goals’ is used by people or defined in dictionaries. (Also, probably is within his control barring injury)


Follow a TR training plan, do any additional as Z2 outside.

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Hey Josh,

Well a couple years ago I weighed 114kg and I’m now down to 88kg. Looking at my TR profile I’m at 2.96w/kg, I think it was.

I am currently following a training plan having recently signed up to TR. I was just curious to know what certain types of training can help me achieve 300w ftp this year.

@hellvellyn I’ve screenshot your reply and I’ll defo give that a go.

Apologies to those hung up on me saying ‘my goal is 300w’. I obviously meant that I wanted to know what training could lead me on the road to hitting 300ftp on a ramp/ftp test.

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Why 300W ftp?
Why not 4W/kg?

If your ftp is 300 then currently your w/kg is 3,4.

I mean why is 300W ftp a magic number?


@tonistali Personal preference. I think to me it would be a nice number to reach and maintain or build further on.


Have to disagree here. Setting an arbitrary number as a FTP goal is definitely not within a rider’s control……primarily because it is largely based on genetics / ability. I’ll never hit 300w for an FTP. It simply isn’t in my genetic makeup.

In addition, we don’t know how much the OP weighs. 300w could be 3 w/kg (achievable by many riders) or it could be 6 w/kg ( getting close to pro level).


This is not necessarily true. He does not really state how much sweetspot/threshold/vo2 work he’s doing, but you can absolutely raise your FTP doing nothing but zone 2. Volume and consistency are the keys. You do need to train some specificity based on what goals you are trying to achieve, assuming those goals are more than just “raise my FTP,” but “more sweetspot” isn’t necessarily the ticket. I do suggest at least one, perhaps two intense workouts a week, but what those are I think are dependent on what you are trying to prepare for and when.

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I get what you are saying and it’s true, but given 300watts is only 3.4 watts/kg for him, I think “genetically” it’s likely he can get there if he wants. Most of us don’t touch the tippy top of our actual potential, so if he’s willing to put in the effort it takes it’s likely within his control. Now that may require 30 hours a week for him, no clue about that.

the thing with questions like this “what type of training should I do?” the answer is always the same, do sweet spot, threshold to build up TTE, and when that stagnates do vo2 to push the ceiling. rinse, repeat. unfortunately one issue with TR plans is that they are not always the right stimulus at the right time for people, i’ve definitely deviated from this approach

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Yes, 3.4 w/kg is schievable for a lot of people….but setting arbitrary numbers as a “goal” is not proper goal-setting.

Short story, He just wants to get faster.

Getting faster is mostly about the volume, and intensity. Try to push the volume until your life schedule handles, and try to push intensity until you feel overreaching. Find the sweetspot and just stick to it. Lastly, supply this schedule with good diet and sleep.


@hubcyclist thanks for the advice. Defo taking yours and other people’s comments on board.

@medetkerem thanks man, ultimately the goal/objective is to get faster than most of the commuters I see and be able to do it comfortably. A lot of the people who work where I do but not with mr are pretty fast already and, li,ke I said, I want to be able to hold a high-ish power comfortably.