FTP increase but training keeps progressing like before?

Started my first 30 days of trainerroad and just hit my 10th indoor session so the AI gave me a higher ftp (+7W) 250 to 257.
However the training sessions just keep increasing, for example I had a threshold (3.8) workout 3x9min 102% ftp on thursday (at old ftp). Now at saturday it gives me a threshold training (4.0) with 3x10 min over/under intervals.
I’m wondering why its not slowly making me adapt to the new ftp with lower threshold trainings like 3x6 min over unders like at the start of the plan, and progress over time with my new FTP?

I failed to complete the saturday workout at new ftp by the way only completing 1.5/3 over/under intervals

Maybe contact support because after an ftp increase progress levels should decrease so that the ramp rate for the next workout stays the same

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I don’t know why but it can be very slow to update (lower PLs) particularly for a workout scheduled the next day. Ive had a few next day work outs suddenly become a ‘Stretch’ at a new FTP :-/ Try contacting support if future PL’s don’t adapt support@trainerroad.com


It’s possible that it did lower the PLs a little, but still resulted in an increase in WL after that was applied - it’s only a 0.2 net bump. It would depend on what the original planned ramp was between those two workouts, and how the first one (and possibly others before it) were rated.

Presumably the Saturday workout will have been marked as a fail struggle, which should have moderated down future workouts to get things back on track - it would be worth looking at what’s now in the plan for those upcoming ones to see if they look doable.

Yes now when I failed the workout it decreased PLs for next threshold sessions. I expected the adaptive training to do that for saturdays workout too, so I shouldnt have failed it…

Despite progressions are you sure your new FTP is your FTP? 3x10 should be more than doable no matter what, or you were very tired? Just food for thought.


I Guess I was still a little tired after the thursday workout because my legs felt quite heavy in the warmup… might be a factor why I failed…

Over/under and 102% intervals are quite different in nature.

Answer the post workout questionnaire and move on :wink:


When you get the new FTP you will get new (reduced) proficiency levels. That will typically cause adaptions in the plan as well, where easier workouts are chosen.

Well thats what didnt happen first. Now the adaptations are made because of the fail, I will carry on

Hey there and welcome to the TR community!

Sorry to hear about the troubles you ran into. If something like this comes up again, I’d echo what others stated and recommend reaching out to support@trainerroad.com for super fast support. We often have a live chatline open for real-time help! It should look like this (on the side of your TR webpage):


It sounds like your Progression Levels weren’t refreshing for some reason, but it looks like they’re updated now – I just ran a refresh on your account to double-check that everything’s functioning as it should.

Please let us know if you run into any other issues and happy training! :muscle: