Finished the "Hour record" workout, adjust FTP?

Hey everyone,

I just finished the “Hour Record” workout. It wasn’t on my plan, but I just wanted to have some “fun”, because I’m on a non related cycling one week holiday and thought I could give it an all out effort, because there’s so much time to recover.

I thought I would really struggle with the workout, but somehow it went really well. AI FTP set my FTP to 269 watts (20 days ago) and I could hold 278 watts for 55 minutes. If I would have paced a little better, even more, I guess.

Trainerroad now adapted my plan and put every threshold workout to level 10, which seems like I won’t have much fun besides cycling the next few weeks. :slight_smile:

Should I wait for the new AIFTP-estimation? Should I manually adjust the threshold workouts down? Or are there any other options?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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Personally I would adjust ftp. It’s fairly evidently from your 55m that it’s basically 280 so I don’t see a point in keeping an old value that is incorrect.


Can’t you just have AIFTP recalculate?

Did you get a new AI FTP prompt? I think that’ll typically be triggered when completing sweetspot or threshold workouts with PL 9.0+ IIRC.

Definitely sounds like your FTP should be updated to ~ 280W. Great job on that workout too!

Thanks everyone for the answers!

AIFTP can’t recalculate yet, because I still have to wait 7 days for a new estimation.

I didn’t get a prompt. Went from a 5.4 PL to 9.8PL and nothing happened. The only thing happening, was Trainerroad adapting all my threshold workouts to 10PL, which seems a little excessive twice a week :smiley:

If I manually update my FTP, will my PL’s also be adjusted?

Are you in a build or a speciality phase?

If you’re in a build phase, probably better served to adjust FTP. AI FTP re-calculate would be better, but you could manually adjust. That way you’ll be back to training at much higher power (relatively) but for shorter interval durations.

If you are in a specialty phase and/or just want to work on operating at a high % of FTP then keep PLs and do the very long intervals that will be prescribed to you up until the next adjustment cycle.

The closer I am to an event the less concerned I am with building than I am with maintaining power for long periods of time, but that’s also because I do long events generally.

I’m in base phase, right now. What would your advice be in base?

It should adjust your FTP +2.0% I think (see the link below). Couldn’t hurt to check with support to see why this didn’t happen :thinking:

If you manually adjust FTP, your progression levels should adjust down a bit.

If I understand correctly from the description, it says you have to be in specialty phase for automatic adjustments to happen? I’m in base phase, right now. Maybe that’s why it didn’t adjust?


Yeah maybe that’s it. :thinking: I’ve had the prompt come up before the 28 day timeframe after completing 9.0+ workouts outside of a plan. Sorry for any confusion!

No worries! Good to know under which circumstances it triggers :slight_smile:

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Check this out too. This lines up with my experience completing SS 9.0+ workouts outside of a plan.

I guess I will message the support to figure out, why it didn’t trigger any FTP adjustments. Thanks for your help!


“AIFTP” exists because people are too lazy to test. You basically just tested out your FTP in real life. So yeah, I would definitely adjust your FTP on TR to match your real life effort.

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Yes and like to believe rather than know for sure especially if its a fake higher number.


I would up the intensity on my workouts and wait 7 days until AI detect is available, just for the satisfaction of AI giving me higher ftp :slight_smile:

Manuallly setting it is not as satisfying


That would have been a good idea. Sadly I already adjusted my FTP manually.

The AI now adjusted my Threshold PL to 9 from 9.8, which still seems excessive, tbh.
Is there any automatic solution for adjusting PLs? Or should I just go with it?

Sorry for all these questions, but I’m quite new to Trainerroad and don’t know what the best solutions would be.

If you feel it’s too high, replace the workouts with level 5s and 6s manually (or via workout alternates) for a while. It’ll start coming back down eventually.

The only other way I can think of jigging the system would be to manually update to like 300, then back down to 280. I don’t think PLs adjust up when you bring your FTP down. Then delete the extra FTPs from your history

@Fishnhchamps just wanted to circle back on this one as to why you didn’t receive an early AI FTP Detection after completing the Hour Record, and that’s because it was completed as an “Outside” workout on Zwift.

Currently, the early AI FTP Detection post-workout is only for TR Indoor Workouts completed in the TR app.

As far as your question about your Threshold PL being a big high after the Hour Record and even after adjusting your FTP manually, Adaptive Training will dial things down depending on how you do on your next Threshold workout. Alternatively, as @odpaul7 mentioned, you can always choose a Workout Alternate if the Workout Level feel a bit high for you, but there isn’t a need to “adjust anything” as AT will naturally future workouts based on post-workout data.

However, I see that you just got an AI FTP Detection, which bumped down your next threshold workout to a nice level :sunglasses:

@FrankTuna, if you’d like we can look at the rides where you didn’t get an early AI FTP Detection. I have a feeling that the same logic applies here :slight_smile: