FTP History, Why Two / Double Entries?

Why are there 2 entries (one day apart) with the same FTP value in the FTP History in our Careers?

I have manually deleted some of the ones that were pairs, but I am just curious why this is the case (doubles) by default.


I reported to TR support exactly 364 days ago (Oct 24, 2018). Support rep apologized, deleted dups, and said it shouldn’t happen again. Its happened many times since then, I didn’t follow up and report.

From original support request:

This year I have some a day apart, like what you’ve shown.

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OK, I will report to support then and see what they say this year :wink:


A few of mine this year are because the day after testing (or manually changing?) FTP the mobile app (beta) wouldn’t sync the new FTP value. Therefore I entered again in the mobile app.

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The top 3 pairs above were probably a manual adjustment by me based on either workouts or predicted adjustments (for sickness and a blood donation).

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I had this happen a bunch after doing ramp tests. Typically would happen when using one device for the ramp test (phone, or sometimes laptop), and then doing a workout on another device (desktop), the new device would default back to the old FTP. 3 or 4 times I did a workout only to realise at the end that it was set to an old FTP.
I raised it with support a few times, but never really got a fix. Now I’m just super careful to check FTP before starting a workout after a recent FTP change, and then manually deleting any automatic FTP changes that default back to an old FTP.


Reviving this thread as I’ve had similar issues.

Bumped FTP up a couple of percent 10 days ago, did a bunch of outdoor rides last week back indoors again with Avalanche Spire, workout felt easy so bumped it up to 104%. Imagine my disappointment when i looked at my history to find FTP had reset to the old value of 2 weeks ago.

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Sorry for the trouble, definitely reach out to the team at support@trainerroad.com so they can take a look.

I have that issue to this day. Ramp test on windows computer and accept new FTP. Website shows new FTP. Go on phone app and check things out. Then a few days later when I go back to the laptop to do a workout it almost always is back to the pre-test FTP.

I think there is probably some issue with overwriting the stored FTP with whatever is in the mobile app, web, or something. I just always check my FTP on the laptop for a few workouts after a ramp test to make sure nothing has reset it.

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And here I was thinking I was going mad.

I had a few instances in february where my workout ftp was different to the one set in the app and the website. Very frustrating after thinking youve “crushed” workout

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Hey Ivy, it seems this is a more widespread issue than just this post’s question. Should we each individually reach out to tech support or what is the best issue reporting method? Not really sure which device is causing it.

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DEFINITELY. This way, the support team can gather information for a bug report, and find common threads in occurrences like devices, operating systems, etc. that may be causing it. Thanks in advance!

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Wow, I’m not alone!!!

I was starting to feel really incompetent after my recent bout of this once again, and having to make a support ticket for something so simple.

PSA - this also derailed my progression levels on Train Now so be careful playing with it if you’re using that feature or AT…

FWIW this happened to me. I had a TON of FTP results going back years. I deleted them…not checked since if they’ve come back

Looking at the workout data it appears that my actual, recently changed FTP may have been applied to the workout. I looked in afterwards to have a look at history, the FTP may have been erroneously update at that point.

This happens every time my FTP changes after a test. I’ve just been deleting the duplicate entries

I had a ton of dupes in my history as well. Never file a support request, just manually deleted them a while ago.

I have contacted TR support who are looking into the issue.

Some digging of my own. I use the iPad and app to display/record my training session. Just logged into the app to check the set FTP was correct, and that shows the erroneous 263 that was set on TR website yesterday. My workout data from yesterdays workout has synced but the FTP has not.

i guess will have to check the FTP before each workout which is a drag.

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Happens to me every time (for the last 3 years). I just delete the duplicate each time and ignored it as it wasn’t really a big deal.