FTP History, Notes / Reason Info (Feature Request)

Looking at the FTP History on the rider profile, I think it would be helpful to see a “note” or “reason” for the FPT change.

  • It would be great to see the difference between an automatic update that comes from a Ramp Test or FTP Test (20/8).
  • When we make a manual change, I would like to add a note as to why I changed it.
    • As a work around, I started adding an Annotation on the Calendar, but I have to bounce between 2 resources (the Career/FTP History and the Calendar to see the fuller picture).
  • As it stands now, I can see (and add or remove records) for years on the FTP History, but I have no context as to why the FPT changed.

Additionally, we can see the FTP on the Career page in the Training Stress graph. But there is not much context other than TSS volume, date, and percentage of change. It lacks any detail on the “why or how” the FTP changed.

I just think it would help to know a bit more about the context of a change, when we go back and review our history.


I think this would be particularly good for FTP drops that might result from illness, time off the bike, etc.


Precisely the reason behind my request:


Hello, I was thinking it would be nice to be able to make notes for each FTP entry in your history. For example I recently went from virtual power to real power and saw a huge FTP drop. I decided to manually drop my FTP and a little later did my first ramp test with real power. It would be nice to note these points with their respective dates on entry in my FTP history. Hopefully I am not overlooking this feature somewhere else.
Thank you very much for the great product.


Couldn’t you just add these notes to your FTP workout?

Agree with the OP. It would be a nice little feature to have instead of referring back to the calendar.

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+1 great idea.