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Hello, new to TR here. I’ve set my FTP under my profile, and currently have my plan selected and added to my calendar, but it doesn’t start till next week (need a rest week). I noticed looking back at my last couple weeks worth of rides with the analysis tool here on TR that it lists my weeknight rides (usually around 1.5 hours) as have a significantly higher FTP (20 watts) than what I set it as in my profile. I also did a long ride this past Sunday (6 hours) where it shows my FTP being what I set it as in my profile. Can anyone explain this? or why the FTP is changing in the analysis tool at all? I’m referring to the graph at the top with the white line by the way.

If you go to the “Account” menu option then to “FTP History” you can see what your historical FTP settings are.

I could be mistaken (it’s been a while since I signed up) but I think when you onboard they have you estimate your FTP. Did you do this and then manually change your FTP setting? it may have applied that estimate to past rides and then your manual entry to your rides that happened after that entry.

I kinda assumed some things that may have happened so let me know if those were incorrect.

I just tried something…

If that FTP record does have an incorrect value in a past record, you can delete it and add another one and it looks like it will change the FTP for all rides between that data and the next FTP entry.

Interesting what you say. I don’t believe this was exactly the scenario for me though?

Yes, when I signed up it asked me my FTP, I have not taken the ramp test yet, but my FTP is fairly accurate, set about 3 weeks ago with an 2x8min test indoors.

I looked at the history like you mentioned. It’s interesting because it says on Saturday, Sep 12, 2020 (before I signed up) my FTP is higher than anytime I’ve tested before. now on Friday, Sep 25, 2020 when I signed up and manually entered my value, it gave obviously applied the lower number.

I was just curious how it was deriving the FTP values from historical rides (imported from Strava btw), and how accurate is it possibly?

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See this information from the blog

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Yeah I just looked at the dates for mine a little closer and noticed that I signed up in Jan 2018 but the first FTP record is for Aug 2017 (which is also the first outdoor ride on my calendar). So I don’t remember how I came up with that first FTP value but I think when I took my first FTP test it just back filled the date to accommodate the rides that happened before.

But as far as I know TR doesn’t do any sort of analysis to pull FTP values from outdoor rides (either in the past or present).
Looks like @onemanpeloton proved me wrong before I even pressed submit. It looks like that’s your answer!

Thanks for the information guys. Looking forward to taking my first ramp test next week to see if I’m closer to the analyzed value vs my last test. I would be thrilled hahaha

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