Feature request: Adding power source to FTP History page (or ability to add annotation)

As the title suggests, it would be quite handy to have a column on the FTP History page that included which device the FTP update was recorded on. Even the possibility of adding an annotation would do the trick.

When I look back over the last couple of years I need to refer to a note book to compare the FTP data to changes in equipment. A simple note on the FTP History page would make it easier to compare results.

Keep up the good work on Plan Builder TR. Loving the constant innovation.


As someone who changes pm’s way too often I love this idea a lot!

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I’ll drag this request back up and agree this would be very useful! Along with w/kg shown also

I would also like this. Since the gyms have been closed I have been relegated from the Wattbike there to a “dumb” turbo at home with speed sensor and it would be good for looking back on to know why my FTP tests were lower!

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