FTP Frequency Testing

Thinking of only checking FTP every 14 weeks so I can spend more time on building up the progression levels.
Do you think it’s too long between checks?

Perfectly fine, if the training you’re doing isn’t intended/expected to raise or lower your FTP by much. :+1:

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Even with 14 days in between FTP tests progression levels will not build very much. I am trying to lose my myopic view and trying to accept that every 1-2 months may suit me better in the long run even when I am on a training plan. Checking too often makes FTP become THE critical measure to success, which in many cases may not be true.

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Do you mean AI detection or Ramp testing or something else?

I use AI detection now.

Yes, I think that is too long. I’d stick to the defaults and either take an FTP test or let AI FTP set your new FTP every 4–6 weeks. 14 weeks is way too long.

As Oreo says, defaults in plans will cover you, every 6-8 weeks detection otherwise.

Although FTP isn’t that important any more it is still the yardstick to tell whether you are optimising your training, and with AI detection there is no cost for this benefit.

I’m looking at my AI FTP but I’m not upping it as per TR’s recommendation until I am meeting my current FTP near 100% of the time in the TT position. If I raised it immediately, I probably could manage it but I’d be raising out of the TT position too much (physiologically chasing a target, even though I am stronger in the TT position ignoring it :-/ ) As a result my actual frequency of testing is effectively quite big. It worked for me last few years :crossed_fingers: it works again :-/

I use to test once a year, so 14 weeks will be just fine.

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