AI FTP Detection - Scheduling?

I’ve been doing FTP tests for years - 20 minutes, 8 minutes, ramp tests - and it always made sense to do them after a rest week.

Does it matter when, in a 4-week cycle say, we click through for a new AI FTP detection? If I do it right after a rest week, will it underestimate FTP because of the low-intensity workouts?

I don’t think so, I got prompted to run it after a SS work out tonight. I haven’t run it yet though. Im curious now though but if it suggests a rise I think I’ll keep it at its current setting.

Hey @Simon_Guthrie, welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

We recommend using AI FTP Detection whenever it’s available to you. It will help to keep your training steadily progressing.

There have been some recent updates to this feature that allow us to take control of this function in special situations, such as Specialty Phases leading up to a big event. For more info on that, check out that forum post below!

:mega: New AI FTP Detection Updates! :mega:

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You should. Sometimes it’s spot on, sometimes it’s a great source of fun. Today it has gave me FTP 40W lower than my current FTP. Last week I have done 90min 20W above proposed FTP. So give it a chance, it always puts a lot of smile on user’s face, no matter what the result is :wink: (p.s. I know what the problem was me as I do not care about PL)

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It gave me a 1w increase; the same as last time I ran AI FTP actually, but I just rounded it down at the time by 1w to the nearest 5w :joy:


Thanks for this! Ran it this morning and FTP is up by 10W. Giddy-up!


Nice work @Simon_Guthrie! :partying_face: