Fructose for breakfast

Another good paper:

Results of including fructose for breakfast:

and infographic from Twitter (


Wondering if you listened to the latest scientific triathlon podcast with @timpodlogar he discusses these results and many other practical aspects of carbohydrate use and timing

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Started listening yesterday…

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so what you’re saying is my morning oats with fresh fruit and maple syrup is on the right track


Yes, made me smile about my breakfast too!


I think tim might say less fiber would be better so subbing for rice or congee with orange juice

I actually just switched over to the oats from the all fruit smoothies I would typically have for breakfast because I wondered if the smoothies might be causing an insulin spike and therefore making it tougher for me to lose these last few pounds. I don’t even know if this aligns with science but it seems to follow some of the things I’ve read in the past and so far, I think the switch to oats has been working well for me.

I think it depends on timing of breakfast. If the smoothie is consumed right before the ride it shouldnt created an insulin spike

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I’m talking everyday breakfast, the weekends are the only time I ride first thing and yeah, on those days, I’m typically trying to pack in as many cal’s as i can before heading out.

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I think the benefit of fructose here is primarily for rapidly refilling of liver glycogen for early rides and won’t necessarily provided added performance for rides later in the day. Nothing wrong with fructose in the morning either way especially if its coming from delicious whole fruits like you’re having though


Yeah, I agree. It was just coincidental that this topic came up while I am in the midst of testing a slightly different breakfast to see how I react.

Been doing Bob’s Red Mill European Style Museli with milk, honey, blueberries, strawberries and chia seeds for quite a while. Tastes good and all the goodness for carbs, the euro style has a bit less fiber than some others because it doesn’t have the wheat content. It’s a noticeable difference for me, anyway.


Is this benefit due to training in a ‘fasted’ state, or the extra glucose?

How long is the period of fasting?

Fasted periods of 14-16 hours induce Autophagy, ie, the natural cell replacement process?

I usually train (on a trainer) in the early morning hours. Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to eat and wait 2 hours for training session.

What do you suggest for breakfast when there is only half an hour between breakfast and training.
I usually eat white toast with jam or honey + coffee !