Freeride not available outside

Hi! I’m trialling the adaptive beta. I’m aware that rides outside of TR do not form part of the adaptive program. When doing group rides/workouts on zwift I’ve got around this by dual running zwift and TR and setting TR to a freeride workout and turning off trainer control.

I thought I’d try something similar for my IRL ride tomorrow uploading the workout to my wahoo. However the outside option in the freeride is greyed out.
Is this as expected or am I misunderstanding the ‘outside’ option?

Alternatively I’m just going to try and run TR on my iPhone while riding :rofl:

  • That’s not true. Outside rides are very much an option they have covered.

I recommend checking out the rest of the good articles about Adaptive Training in the Help Center:

Ahh wasn’t clear. I’m just thinking of doing my usual outdoor social with a friend. Uploading that to Strava and then TR picks it up and analyses for adaptive. I thought I read this wasn’t part of the beta yet. 🤷🏻 Maybe I misunderstood

Right, that used to be the case. But now, pretty much any outside ride can be used. See the notes above, and the link below that introduced the update.

Chad, Thanks. I found the bit In the link you posted.

Match a Planned Workout with a Completed Workout/Ride


Ps. I remember very early days on zwift on a big group event being dragged home by you :rofl::rofl:

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Good deal, glad you got what you need.

LOL on the Zwift ride. Glad I helped back then too :smiley: