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Yes. But AT can only adjust up or down so far. You really want to be riding at the correct intensity as best as possible, if you’ve improved then you might start getting high level threshold workouts thrown at you, except you’re doing Sweet Spot (for example) and whilst still great training. It’s not the same thing as thinking you’re nailing a long threshold session.

Or it might give you shorter and shorter threshold intervals but since you’re way Supra-Threshold you’re still not hitting the plan as intended.

Obviously it won’t always work like that, and small differences will be less significant. I’d want to still have a pretty good idea where FTP is (and have it set close as possible).

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I’m much the same. Haven’t seen double digit moves in FTP since I got it dialled late last year (up and down with getting back on the bike and equipment changes up to then).

I’m getting fitter though so am happy to monitor my FTP via benchmark workouts and a better understanding of the sensations.

I’ve really enjoyed AT and haven’t had any hiccoughs at all. Only one FTP change since joining I’m sure helps. The fitness progression and AT adaptation have been seamless and almost perfect.

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A good point! You still can tell it no. But I think for a lot of folks, if they’re choosing to reject the adaptations more often than they accept them, they wonder what the point of AT is at all. The value proposition is dead for them, and the adaptations are seen as an annoyance.

All in all, a little more clarity and transparency wouldn’t hurt. I’d love for AT to indicate which zones it is currently trying to progress, for instance. Down the line, allowing people choose the zones they want to progress in Plan Builder would be amazing as well, but that’s much further down the development pipeline than we currently are, I would imagine.


I am absolutely loving AT. Every time I try to pick a workout at a different intensity level than AT suggests, I realize that the AI was right all along. I have a few questions:

Would the team consider labeling the workouts in the training plans as Productive and Achievable? It would be helpful to see which ones are intended to be a bit harder or easier.

It looks like I all of the intensity days are either productive or achievable. Aside from the ramp test, is it TR’s belief that we are really never supposed to dig deep and do “stretch” workouts?

The TR progression level algorithm logically assigns a higher progression level to a workout with a similar intensity but longer duration. I have found that this “time effect” is smaller for me than the algorithm assumes, and longer workouts end up being easier for me than shorter workouts with the same progression level. Is TR looking at potentially personalizing this “time effect?”

Thanks again for all that you are doing!


After completing my PB built plan with some outdoor rides, some missed rides and a new FTP test that went not so well (oh and a new power meter), I’ve decided that it’s still working well for me. I find that missed PL progressions seem to autocorrect in the future, based on both survey responses, followed by harder workouts and a few workouts I subbed for harder ones because I felt so good on previous similar workout. I’m only n=1, but so far so good. Also, I’ve found that TR Support is amazing at responding to questions and helping out.

How do you know if you have a super pass and what happens when you do get it. I went with the adaptations recommended by AT. The 1st set of 30/30’s were a joke. 2nd set was up 5% and still too easy. 3rd set up 10%. My progression went from 1 to 1.6 just as if I had done the workout at 100%.

I haven’t seen them announce any SuperPass functionality yet. I’m not sure it’s in place. I may be wrong, but I would hazard a guess it’d come when the machine can analyse any ride.

It was definitely in a while ago (search to find my posts WAY above related to my issues with it). No idea if it’s still live or not though?


In my experience, I get stretch workouts in the last week of a training block if I get them at all. In the other weeks, it is as you described where I’m getting achievable for all but one or two workouts that are productive instead.

Does AT create the same adaptations in a plan if I manually delete my upcoming weekend ride compared to scheduling future time off over the weekend?

I am wondering if manually deleting my Saturday ride will change my workouts for the rest of this week compared to just scheduling Time Off in the calendar.

Good questions, Patrick!

I’ll definitely suggest to the team that we incorporate those productive/achievable icons from the calendar view as well! The cards may end up getting a bit cluttered, but maybe even a super small icon would help.

This will depend largely upon where you are in your plan. IE in base phase, you probably wouldn’t want to do a Breakthrough workout under normal circumstances, not only to align with your progressions but also for the longevity of your ‘well-being’ for lack of a better word haha. Dont let the ‘Achievable’ label make you think the workout isn’t difficult, it just means that per your current fitness and progressions, its hard but within reach to successfully complete it.


This got me thinking. Labeling some workouts as “productive” would suggest all the other are “not productive”. Wouldn’t “progressive” be a better term than “productive”?


But aren’t we intending to always be progressing. A workout isn’t progressive etc to everyone.

Maybe the new “weekly notes” could be indicating the most important session/toughest workout for the week and the one to expect to be easier?

As far as I see it AT is looking to manage progression to be sustainable and continuous by serving you workouts that provide a challenge, yet don’t set you back or knock your confidence.

That’s a good suggestion! I think the logic to apply that would be tricky and could potentially take a good amount of resources while each week is potentially changing and adapting, and what would have been your most difficult workout of the week could no longer be after an adaptation. Would be tricky.


Anyone else seeing this? I’ve been on AT since the start so seems like a bug

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Yup, leads to this:

I clicked “Keep Plan”, then get this:

I clicked “Upgrade Plan” and then:

I clicked “Let’s Do This” and finally land on my Career page, which has Adaptations Pending.

Checking the suggestions, I see TR had “reset” my previously adapted plan back to default, then is offering the same adaptations that I had gotten previously. So it’s a bit of a return to the same state for me, with a few steps along the way. I accepted them and seem to back to where I was before the trip :stuck_out_tongue:

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It seems to have disappeared for me so I’ll just ignore it if it does come up and stay the course! Only 7 more weeks!

Thanks for reporting that! That impacted only a small number of athletes, we were able to isolate and identify anyone that might get that redundant message, and fixed it! Shouldn’t be a problem moving forward, but if it is, definitely let us know!

Big news: we are opening Adaptive Training to early access! This means that any TrainerRoad athlete can now use Adaptive Training by enabling access from the Early Access section of your account.

We acknowledge how cluttered this thread has become when used as a space to post questions and get help, and its made it difficult for athletes to find the advice and shared experiences they’re looking for when joining and using Adaptive Training.
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If you have questions or need a second look at any Adaptive Training topics like your Progression Levels, Surveys, or pending adaptations, please check in with support@trainerroad.com for assistance.

Speaking of which, we now have comprehensive new help center resources for Adaptive Training:Adaptive Training Overview
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