Do free ride workouts feed into adaptive training?

I don’t actually do free ride work outs but I do race a bit on Zwift as well as a low volume training plan. Am thinking to have TR running at same time with a free ride workout, in the hope that my race data will then feed into adaptive training via the free ride.

Not yet, but it is a high priority for our engineers to add this feature to Adaptive Training. Currently, AT incorporates all indoor and outdoor TrainerRoad workouts.

This is what I’ve done in the past, but I’m not sure the best way to handle Zwift racing (ZRL specifically) going forward now that the Progression Levels and Adaptive Training are in place. I’ve tried just running an Endurance ride in the background for the Zwift Academy Road workouts and Base Line ride I’ve done so far which at least helps keeps my endurance PLs in place, but doesn’t account for any of the other work I’m doing during the ride. It would be super helpful if the Free Ride workouts could be setup as a “catch all” for monitoring all your PLs/Zones.