Adaptive Training means no outside option?

So I wanted to do an outside ride today and i am seeing no outside option for today’s ride. Or tomorrows. or any ride I choose, for that matter.

Is this because of the adaptive training thing? I am on the registration for it, but I didn’t see that any beta testing had been initiated yet. So what gives?
Did i shut down/disable outside rides somehow?

update (because i kneejerk typed instead of exploring). If i check TR on DuckDuckGo on my phone, it gives me the outside option. but on my PC, chrome says “no”

I think it’s a bug. I had the same, also saw somebody else post something like this on the forum. When I closed the app, and reopened it, the outside options appeared again. I also had it show completely different workouts, than I was opening. So if closing/restarting app doesn’t work, maybe email support.

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I suggest emailing because this sounds like a bug.

Seems to have resolved itself. I got it changed on my phone browser, then refreshed chrome on PC and everything looks normal. I’ll report it.

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