Am I still working at sweet spot?

HI guys. I’m in week 4 of ssblv1 I did Geiger today and it felt really easy. With average HR for the 3 12 minutes intervals at 139, 144, and 145. My max HR is 184 and my LTHR beetween 166. I’m I still getting the intended benefit of the workouts or should I bump intensity? I’m worried I’ll hit a brickwall with SSBLV2 at new FTP in 3 weeks.

This is the first ride at 100% after illness recovery which looks more like hard work.

Carson felt already really easy.

Eclipse was a breeze

Tunnabora I pushed the leg speed

And geiger today

Thanks for any thoughts and advice.

If you’re uncertain, I’d suggest bumping the final interval of each workout rather than a “blanket” improvement of FTP.

However, if everything really does feel super easy consistently, then try a 5% ftp bump and see what happens for a couple of weeks. I’d rather have my ftp set a bit too low than too high.


Looking at your training history, you were at an ftp of 138 previously, it’s very possible that you have regained some of your previous strength/fitness and you are now just operating higher than your current ftp suggests. If it were me, have a days rest then ramp test yourself again

There is little downside to experimenting. Do a 5% bump and if you can finish Warlow (your next planned workout) without backing off then you have a higher ftp. If not go back to current or do the next one at +2.5%.

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Looks to me like you’re working below sweet spot, more like low tempo.

I have experienced pretty much the same thing as you. I’m in week 4 of SSBMV, and the SS intervals have felt too easy, so I’ve just been going by feel and HR and doing each interval 5-10w higher. This method has been working well until I finish the plan and retest before the next plan.

FTP is a marker so sometimes ok to bump up as you feel is right but with consideration that you’re looking at the bigger picture. All too easy to end up working a lot harder than is intended.

If you’re a long way from your goal I’d be tempted to just stick to the plan, leave the FTP then retest. You’re not going to do any harm or miss out by training lower than perhaps the level you’re actually at. If anything you’ll just rubber stamp things.

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Sweet Spot is a large range. It covers upper Z3 to just below threshold. 84% to 97% FTP. TrainerRoad narrows that to 88% to 94% FTP.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You’re really looking at a small wattage increase and since sweet spot is a large zone, you are definitely hitting the sweet spot.

@ExpertOrBust has good advice, or you can just leave it and ride it out. It’s easy to push all the LV workouts to be at threshold instead of sweet spot threshold. You’ll be able to complete it, but you may gain more fatigue faster than you anticipated and then have a bit of a problem recovering. I know I can push hour long workouts at FTP or higher, day after day, but then it’ll hit me after 3 days in a row.

Warlow, which goes above FTP, is a good indicator.

to be honest, I view phase 1 of the SSB workouts as a primer. If you’ve been off the bike, it’s to get you moving again and you will gain fitness whether you’re at tempo or sweet spot…but since the workouts go up and down, even if FTP is a bit low, you’re crossing the boundary.

don’t stress out about it. a few watts is not a big deal.

Yeah that was after my first round of structured training with TBLV1. Then I rode outside for the summer. And resumed while still on a round of antibiotics.

Thanks guys for the advice. I retested my FTP yesterday and the bump is indeed small 4 watts but I had no recorvory. Did Warlow at at the new ftp today I suffered the last 2 110% segment of the last interval. And bailed out of optionnal drills.