Forum "hamburger" menu new, and horrible

Is anyone else experiencing new “hamburger” menu (the 3 lines next to the avatar, at the top right) behavior?

Instead of concise options to go to new, latest, unread, etc. I get a big pull-out from the left, that has submenus for categories, tags, messages, etc. Nowhere is “new” or “unread” an option. It’s now impossible to go straight to unread topics that I’m following, and similarly difficult to get to new topics. What was once a 1 step operation, is now at least 3. It’s particularly annoying on mobile with the limited screen real estate.

Can the TR forum staff please unbreak this?




Found this:

I’d bet this is a new feature of the forum software (Discourse?).

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Yeah, many of these changes are just pushed via the regular Discourse app updates. Some go totally unseen while this one is more notable depending on how a user works within the forum.

There have been changes to the “hamburger” Menu, but also the user profile menu (your avatar next to the burger). At least for me, the “hamburger” is actually editable to which Categories and Tags are shown (if any). Perhaps that is only because of my higher level rights, but it might be worth a look for other users.

Some of these features are controllable by admins (which I am not) while others seem to be forced and set by Discourse. No idea in this case, so hopefully TR can answer that specifically.

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Hey there,

Appreciate the feedback! I’ll bring it up with the web team to see if we are able to make adjustments.

As @mcneese.chad said, these changes get pushed via Discourse updates, so no promises – fingers crossed, though!

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TYL (Today You Learned)

What is a hamburger menu?

A hamburger menu is typically three stacked lines that indicate a hidden menu. When the lines are clicked or tapped on, a menu slides into view or a drawer appears. The menu holds a list of navigation items or other elements that users can access.


Tell me you graduate high school 15 years ago or more without telling me you graduate high school 15 years ago or more


Well I learned something new today. I had never clicked on the hamburger menu.


Having graduated High School more than 15 years ago, I have to ask: is this in reference to coding/design not having been taught in schools, or to the fact that hamburgers are probably no longer served? I feel equally old either way because my school 1. did serve hamburgers and 2. did not teach UX design or coding.


It’s slang for that thing… I first heard someone calling it hamburger few years ago when my wife was teaching middle school. I have no name for it, I have no idea who or how the name became a thing.

I’ve been a software engineer for over 20 years and have never heard of anyone in the field calling it like that…

Ah yes, I am very familiar with the term. I was just wondering what the connection was specifically to High Schools :yum: :hamburger:

Joel you are killing me with this HS angle, the hamburger icon has been around a LONG TIME maybe even since I was in HS (class of eighty!)

I’m old enough to remember all of these new fangled UI/UX inventions as they happened, check out this video from the link above: all-the-widgets on Vimeo

Proud Unix/Linux user since the mid 80s :metal: Berkeley Unix, Daisy-DNIX, Apollo/HP Domain/OS, DEC ULTRIX, SunOS, Solaris, Linux, macOS … lots of sophisticated UIs (compared to Windows) but not a lot of hamburgers in those days!

Have you always called it the hamburger?

I was not aware until recently.

I called it the three bars, up until 2009-2010 when the iPhone and Android development started really becoming a thing. And to be clear, I’m an algorithm guy that did scientific and numerical programming, not UI stuff other than dabbling in TCL/TK back in the 90s, and a little bit of iOS/Watch and Android app development.

I totally agree with the OP. Without the ability to go directly to new posts and posts I’m tracking really limits the usefulness of TR forums for me.

FWIW, I’m old (think retirement, Medicare & SSA) and have called it the “hamburger” forever.

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Same here. But I have done front end things. We always called it 3 bars menu

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Then you got your rudders and drawers. How confusing.

Just want to hit one thing to get unread messages. That should not be that difficult surely.

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I just want to post to add my frustrations at not being able to see my tracked threads and new posts in an easy to use list.

I’m not sure what discourse was thinking here?

Add me to the list who hate the hamburger changes. Give me back my old McD’s plain hamburger :thinking::rofl:

Put me in the category of folks who started programming with punch cards and TRS-80s


If you click on your head.
Then ckick on the little head and shoulders near the bottom on the right hand side.
Then click preferences.
Then slide across to navigation menu.
And click on both options and save.
It kind of makes things in the hamburger menu.