Discourse issue - Recommended Topics has disappeared at the bottom

When reading a topic and reaching the end, Discourse has always had a list of 5 or so “recommended topics” to go to next. It’s usually topics I’ve looked at before that have new posts plus a few others.

That has disappeared on my iphone, but I still see it on my iPad.

Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix?

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I’ve noticed the same on Windows machine (running Vivaldi), so it’s not mobile/iphone-specific.

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My gut says this might be related to the change about 3 weeks ago?

If so, I may merge this to that topic.

For me, at least, it just started a few minutes ago.


OK, will leave this as-is then.

ETA: Checking the admin info, it does look like Discourse just pushed an update today, so this is likely a new issue… darn it :frowning:


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Hadnt noticed, but it isnt there for me now, and I know it has been recently.

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iPhone at this moment

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We often get new accounts needlessly bumping years old threads and I think that is at least partially due to this feature, so maybe it won’t be terrible for it to be gone?

It would definitely suck to me. It adds an extra click needed between every thread I read.


I see them again now! Thanks to whoever fixed it.

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