Remove Categories on mobile view of forum?

For some reason the mobile view of the forum all of the tags are showing below the post titles (Announcements, Racing, Equipment)

This doesn’t happen on the desktop view.

Does anyone know how to get rid of this? I looked into the preferences / settings and couldn’t find anything.


Yup, I have a message in to @ZackeryWeimer for review of the issue.
I am pretty sure it’s a setting somewhere that TR controls (and I can’t access).

Hoping they get to it sometime today.


Good because my feed looks like a distracting bag of Skittles.


Good because my feed looks like a distracting bag of Skittles.


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Ride fast, read trash.


Phew, I’m glad someone brought this up. I thought I’d pocket dialled some settings but I’ll be stuffed if I can find the off switch. It’s way too much going on.


Ha. I did too. I wrote Chad privately to try to figure out what I had done!


Last night I did the same. Thanks for posting!

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Hey all,

We’re taking a look into this! I’ll post updates/methods to toggle those tags off here as we get that info.

Thanks for your patience!


Bump, to get this fixed. It makes browsing on mobile a hassle.


:+1: its like I have toddlers again and they dumped a box of crayons on my phone


m&m, that’s what I thought! :joy:

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Just a suggestion. This has happened before, so trying to find the moderator who got it fixed before might help. Maybe @IvyAudrain ?

It would be great if this got sorted. I’ve only noticed it over the past few days.

@ZackeryWeimer Any update on removing forum tags?


Hey all! One of our web wizards was able to get the mobile display for the Forum changed up and it should be looking much tidier now.

You’ll still see color-coded dashes on each post to tell what category it falls into, but they’re much smaller and out of the way.

Hopefully this will make everyone’s Forum feed look less like a bag of Skittles. :wink:


Do we have to apply any update or wait for implementation of this?

I just checked and still see the problem covered above = no change for me right now.
(Android, Galaxy S9 if that matters).

There shouldn’t be an update needed – the Forum on mobile should look like this now (screenshot from my own personal Android phone):

I’ll check back in with the team that made the changes to ensure we have this mobile formatting dialed in for everyone, though!

Ok, but here is mine.

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Seems to be a light mode/dark mode thing.

Dark mode it’s still the big bright colours. But if I toggle to light mode it looks the same as yours @ZackeryWeimer