Discourse App Problems with TrainerRoad Forum on iPhone

Is anyone else experiencing issues using the Discourse app to launch the TR Forum? Specifically, I’m on an iPhone if that matters.

I’ve never had an issue with it in years of use, and I don’t have any issue launching other forums from the app, but when I try to launch TR, it tries to open a webpage that then freezes. This just started in the last day or 2. Oddly, if I click on the words “new” or “unread”, it works, but if I just click on the TR Forum name/description like I’ve always done, it fails. Anyone else experiencing this?

(Sorry Chad - wasn’t sure how to categorize this one)


(I put it in “TR SW” since it’s the closest from what I see.)

I am able to access via the shortcut on my Android phone (Galaxy S9).

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I’ve had the same issue for a few months now, so if there’s a fix I’d love to know about it too!

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Odd. I guess I should have added “and how did you fix it” to my question!

Having the same problem - discourse opens a blank chrome (my default browser on the iPhone) page instead

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Sorry for the trouble, all – I’ll report that there’s an issue! Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this quickly.

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Hi there. Just wondering if there has been an update on this at all?

It’s fixed. Thanks!

Is anyone else still finding it troublesome?

Yep, I still can only view the forum on my phone if I use Chrome. The Discourse app is giving me the same problems as above still.

I’m on an iPhone using the app. Any chance you’re both on Android?

Nope, iPhone discourse app for me

Weird. It’s fixed for me. Sorry!

iPhone here too.

Problem continued for me for months. I finally fixed it by replacing my iPhone for a newer model. Wonder if that means a delete-and-reinstall will work for others?